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Issue - 99

Worthy Read

Jeff Knupp author of one of my favorite Python books "Writing Idiomatic Python" talks why Python is terrible for writing long-lived programs dealing with complicated data structures. He then goes to compare it with Go Programming languages where the datatype and data modeling has to be done before hand ( we are talking about complex nested data structures ) . Curator's Note - If you are interested in golang do check out a weekly go programming newsletter.

Reliably deliver your emails with a quick and simple API or SMTP integration. Try for Free. Curator's Note - Python and Django integration for sendgrid and respectively. You can send 12,000 emails per month free.

David Rodriguez attended the Udacity course: Developing Scalable Apps in Python - App Engine course and took these notes on building scalable apps.

Splinter is just an abstraction layer on top of Selenium and makes easy to write automation tests for web applications. This is a brief introduction to Splinter.

httstat provides a HTTP response breakdown on command line. This saves you having to open up a browser and look at a visual network response waterfall.
code snippet

David shares his list of command line alias for Django development. Curator's note - Caution making alias for dot and double dot.

Take full control of your keyboard with this small Python library. Hook global events, register hotkeys, simulate key presses and much more.
opensource project

Dynamically adding or overwriting an instance method in Python is rarely needed, but it's a good excuse to explore interesting aspects of the language that aren't always well known: the descriptor protocol, types.MethodType and partial function applications.
monkey patching

Model Managers (and custom QuerySets) are really useful. If you find yourself doing some complicated queryset logic over and over again, you can put that logic in one place and just refer to it with a simple name.

Instagram operates at a scale unprecedented and is one of the largest users of Python/Django. In this video Carl talks about Django usage @instagram . What modification they made to Django and Why ?, How Django usage evolved over the years at instagram and more.

This article shows us the remote interpreter feature of PyCharm. Useful for those using PyCharm and want to execute scripts on a remove machine where the environment / data resides.

Read the Gartner Research Note and discover how your organization can automate and optimize DevOps projects using a toolchain architecture.


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paintingReorganize - 183 Stars, 9 Fork
Use PCA analysis to reorganize the pixels of a painting into a smooth color palette.

Neural Networks that invent their own encryption :key.

ParhamP/altify - 11 Stars, 23 Fork
Uses deep learning to caption images in an HTML file and fills out its alternative text attributes with the related caption. Altify automizes the task of inserting alternative text attributes for image tags. Altify uses Microsoft Computer Vision API's deep learning algorithms to caption images in an HTML file and returns a new HTML file in which alt attributes are filled out with their corresponding captions.

Deepomatic/dmake - 9 Stars, 2 Fork
DMake is a tool to manage micro-service based applications. It allows to easily build, run, test and deploy an entire application or one of its micro-services.

check_docker_image - 7 Stars, 2 Fork
A tool to perform static analysis of known vulnerabilities in docker images/containers

python-dockerflow - 7 Stars, 1 Fork
A Python package to implement tools and helpers for Mozilla Dockerflow

slack-to-telegram-bot - 2 Stars, 0 Fork
Bot for forwarding slack messages to telegram.

pylogging - 2 Stars, 0 Fork
A small wrapper around python logging module which can easily format and write logs to file.

albertlai/deep-style-transfer - 1 Stars, 1 Fork
Tensorflow implementation of a fast feed-forward neural style transfer network.

sidneijp/webblocker - 0 Stars, 0 Fork
A simple website list blocker for time periods based on hosts.