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Issue - 63

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In the months leading to PyCon, I'm refining my talk three ways: rehearsing it alone, rehearsing it for friends, and rehearsing it for a professional speaking coach. Guess which is the most productive? Yesterday I did a session with Melissa Collom, an opera singer, speaking coach, and friend. She advised me on my performance, persuasion, and structure. We made my talk twice as good, I bet she could help with your talk, too. Little offtopic but worthy read.

Using Linkedin integration, we can get the user verified email id, general information, work history in a less span of time, and a user can also share articles. These Following steps are needed for Linkedin integration: 1. creating LinkedIn app 2. Authenticating user and getting an access token. 3. Get user information, work history using access token.

In accordance with our security release policy, the Django team is issuing Django 1.9.3 and 1.8.10.. These release addresses two security issues detailed below. We encourage all users of Django to upgrade as soon as possible. The Django master branch is also updated.
security release

I recently wrote a post where I talked about building a better user experience for deploying Python web applications. If one counts page hits as an indicator of interest in a subject then it certainly seems like an area people would like to see improvements. In that post I talked about a system I was working on which simplified starting up a Python web server for your web application in your local environment, but also then how you can easily move to deploying that Python web application to Docker or OpenShift 3.

We decided to put this together so that you can begin learning Data Science with Python right of the bat, without having to spend hours surfing the web in search of resources.
data science

We are pleased to announce the speakers/talks for the 2016 Python Education Summit. Held during PyCon on Sunday May 29th, 2016, the summit is a gathering of teachers and educators focused on bringing coding literacy, through Python, to as broad a group of audiences as possible. We invite educators from all venues to consider joining the discussion, share insights, learn new techniques and tools and generally share their passion for education. We are looking for educators from many venues: authors; schools, colleges, universities; community-based workshops; online programs; and government.

The Python unittest library includes a subpackage named unittest.mock—or if you declare it as a dependency, simply mock—which provides extremely powerful and useful means by which to mock and stub out these undesired side-effects.

If you buy until tomorrow at midnight (Tuesday, March 1st, 23:59 CET), you can save up to EUR 200 on early-bird prices, compared to the above regular prices. Just a reminder to all our readers from Europe and elsewhere who are planning to attend.

One of the first items you learn as a beginner Python programmer is how to import other modules or packages. However, I’ve noticed that even people who have used Python casually for multiple years don’t always know how flexible Python’s importing infrastructure is.
core python

A cache is a way to store a limited amount of data such that future requests for said data can be retrieved faster. In this article, we’ll look at a simple example that uses a dictionary for our cache. Then we’ll move on to using the Python standard library’s functools module to create a cache. Let’s start by creating a class that will construct our cache dictionary and then we’ll extend it as necessary.

This recipe shows a few examples of doing method chaining in Python. By Vasudev Ram.
code snippet

Task queues manage background work that must be executed outside the usual HTTP request-response cycle. Full Stack Python has a brilliant page on it. Have a look.

This week we welcome Brett Cannon (@brettsky) as our PyDev of the Week. He is a Python core developer (since 2003!) and a Python blogger. Brett has been a speaker at PyCon for several years. You can check out some of his talks on YouTube (for example How to make your code Python 2/3 compatible). I’m pretty sure I’ve seen one or two of his talks myself and they were always pretty good. Let’s take a few moments to get to know Brett better.

Below you can find the video of a talk I gave yesterday at the Python Portland user group meetup. The topic of the talk is error handling. It is a decent recording, but not professional quality by any means.

Class-based views are my favorite feature of Django, so there is an obvious bias when discussing function views and class-based views. I’ll throw my two cents in here and move on. I prefer the structure and predictability that class-based views provide. I recognize that there are many instances when a class-based view might be unnecessary.


Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Looking for bright and young developers to work in a fast-paced startup. Required Skills :- Sound Knowledge of Python/Django.

Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia
Quantitative development company from the rutaN complex is requiring a junior python developer with quantitative skills (modelling, algorithms, probability, scientific computing) to work on premises.


public_drown_scanner - 327 Stars, 103 Fork
This python utility scans for vulnerability to the DROWN attack against TLS. It is distributed under the GPLv2 license, and includes a specific version of (which is also distributed under GPLv2) and We are grateful to both authors for providing these useful libraries.

minimal-django - 194 Stars, 10 Fork
A "Hello World" for Django...Because Django can be nearly as simple as Flask. The aim of this repository is to highlight the fact that a Django project, when simplified down to the bare essentials, can be nearly as minimal as a micro-framework application.

GitMiner - 126 Stars, 29 Fork
Tool for advanced mining for content on Github. Advanced search tool and automation in Github. This tool aims to facilitate research by code or code Snippets on github through the site's search page.

datacleaner - 55 Stars, 7 Fork
A Python tool that automatically cleans data sets and readies them for analysis.

pocket-cli - 42 Stars, 2 Fork
Pocket-CLI is an application for reading / listing and managing your articles from the terminal.

bluecanary - 18 Stars, 2 Fork
Automated creation and management of AWS CloudWatch Metric Alarms

PyConvNet - 15 Stars, 4 Fork
Convolutional Neural Network for python users