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New JSONField will be added in Django 1.9, it can be used with PostgreSQL >= 9.4. Let's try to work with it and find out, in what situations it can be useful.

IPython was born as an Interactive Python shell on steroids 14 years ago, but its notebook tool is shaping the way scientists, developers and even journalists communicate and explore science. After its rebirth as the Jupyter project, we will examine its importance and future in Open Science and scientific publishing now that Nature highlighted its awesome features!

The Open Source Bridge conference recently published this video of me building , in barely 30 minutes , a Python 3 async framework with non-blocking I/O and coroutines . In barely 30 minutes I live-code a Python 3 async framework .

AngularJS is a powerful MVC framework that can easily integrate with Django templates. Let's walk through integrating the two for fantastic results. The result is a fast, dynamic single page application.

Tapasweni Pathak is working as a Software Developer with SAP Labs. She is a GSOC mentor for Systers Org. She contributes to the Linux Kernel and works on a lot of side projects. She is a FOSS enthusiast. She reads and writes on Quora. She loves C, Python, Operating Systems and Compilers. In past she has worked as an Outreachy Linux Kernel Intern, Engineering Intern at Qualcomm Inc, and Research Intern at I.I.T Delhi.

Hypothesis is a library that, when provided with a description of the parameters for your API will explore many situations that will stress your system allowing you to explore your API more thoroughly. When you have errors, hypothesis will then work to simplify the failing example to show you the simplest failing case and then keep this failing case in it's database to use until the problem is resolved.

The Zen Of Python suggests that Flat is Better than Nested. Django, Model, Design. Probably these three words summarize the article better. Read to know more.

uWSGI is one of the most versatile application servers available. It was originally written for running Python applications and has since gained functionality to support Perl, Ruby, PHP, and more in addition to the incredible feature set. In this episode Tobias got to interview three of the core developers of this project and find out more about how the different pieces of it fit together and what its future holds.

Question on Quora.

New version of PyDev is out. This the update on what's included / improved.

A IPython notebook that teaches the basics of Python Programming Language.


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pytest-vw - 82 Stars, 3 Fork
VW makes failing test cases succeed in continuous integration tools. Your primary objective is to ship more code to the world. No need to be slowed down by regressions or new bugs that happen during development.

receipt-parser - 67 Stars, 7 Fork
Updating your housekeeping book is a tedious task: You need to manually find the shop name, the date and the total from every receipt. Then you need to write it down. At the end you want to calculate a sum of all bills. Nasty. So why not let a machine do it?

ULNNO - 50 Stars, 12 Fork
Unsupervised Learning on Neural Network Outputs. The paper presents a new zero-shot learning method, which achieves the state-of-the-art results on ImageNet fall2011.

gitim - 20 Stars, 3 Fork
Clone all of your Github repositories, just single command from your terminal.

Whiteboard - 7 Stars, 1 Fork
A simple program that allows the user to jot quick notes and save them anywhere on their computer

Gradience - 2 Stars, 0 Fork
A simple python code that creates a gradience effect with a circle