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Issue - 27

Worthy Read

In this show we speak with Jesse Davis from MongoDB. Jesse is the maintainer for a number of popular open-source projects including the Python MongoDB driver known as PyMongo.

I discovered virtualenvwrapper in early 2012, it’s been my tool of choice when working with python since then. Now,mkvirtualenvis the first command I type when starting a project. Here is what my current workflow looks like.

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It’s an exciting day for us at JetBrains PyCharm, as the first PyCharm 4.5 public preview build 141.583 is finally available for download! Head on over to the download section of the PyCharm Early Access Preview (EAP) page.

Texas hold'em is a variation of the standard card game of poker. Two cards are dealt face down to each player and then five community cards are placed face-up by the dealer. With these cards, we need to define what combination a player has.

A good write up on How to handle command line arguments with Python ?.
core python

Agata is a software developer working at 10Clouds and also a proud Django Girls Wroc?aw coach. She graduated with a degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering from Warsaw University of Technology. I had my first chance to start coding at university. I absolutely hated it. Had a chance to work with great coders who encouraged me to learn and meet the Warsaw Python community. And then Python, this beautiful language, made me fall in love with coding.

I recently just got back from PGConf 2015 NYC. It was an invigorating, fun experience, both attending and speaking at the conference. What follows is a brief summary of some of the talks I saw, as well as some insights/thoughts.

There's a lot of interesting technology here; pex for building single file executables of Python applications, and Snappy Ubuntu Core for atomic, transactional system updates and lightweight application deployment to the cloud and things. These allow you to get started doing some basic deployments of Python applications.


shittydb - 61 Stars, 18 Fork
A confoundingly fast key-value store

soupy - 50 Stars, 1 Fork
Easier wrangling of web data.

libextract - 31 Stars, 4 Fork
Extracts text from articles.

cleveland - 17 Stars, 0 Fork
Simple asyncio-based actors.

python-xss-filter - 13 Stars, 4 Fork
Based on native Python module HTMLParser purifier of HTML, To Clear all javascript in html

Flask-aiohttp - 11 Stars, 1 Fork
Asynchronous Flask using aiohttp

django-prometheus - 7 Stars, 3 Fork
Export Django monitoring metrics for

ansible-hadoop - 5 Stars, 4 Fork
Best practice hadoop implementation using Ansible. These Ansible playbooks will build a Hadoop cluster (Hortonworks Data Platform). You can pre-build a Rackspace cloud environment or run the playbooks against an existing environment.

SendMail - 3 Stars, 0 Fork
Small python script that uses Google OAuth 2.0 authentication for sending email with your google account