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Issue - 101

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Thanks everyone for participating in the quiz. Nico Ekkart, Chad Heyne, Artem Bezukladichnii, Andrew Nester and Kyle Monson Congrats. Your copies of Writing Idiomatic Python is on its way. The Answers are on the blog post. ImportPython Subscribers can get a copy of Writing Idiomatic Python for a special price at . Thank you Jeff.

Building, packaging, and deploying Python using versioned artifacts in Debian packages. At Nylas, we’ve developed a better way to deploy Python code along with its dependencies, resulting in lightweight packages that can be easily installed, upgraded, or removed. And we’ve done it without transitioning our entire stack to a system like Docker, CoreOS, or fully-baked AMIs.

Quickly pinpoint what’s broken and why. Get the context and insights to defeat all application errors. Full-stack error monitoring for your Python apps. Note - Python docs .

In Python code reviews I’ve seen over and over that it can be tough for developers to format their Python code in a consistent way: extra whitespace, irregular indentation, and other “sloppiness” then often leads to actual bugs in the program. Luckily automated tools can help with this common problem. Code linters make sure your Python code is always formatted consistently – and their benefits go way beyond that.

Use of any/all with generator expressions for improved readability and code clarity.

We asked Collier what it takes to code in Python for a major quant fund. – And whether learning how to code as a second career after trading is actually viable. This is what he said.

It's a free book available for download. This text summarises a number of core ideas relevant to Computational Engineering and Scientific Computing using Python. The emphasis is on introducing some basic Python (programming) concepts that are relevant for numerical algorithms. The later chapters touch upon numerical libraries such as `numpy` and `scipy` each of which deserves much more space than provided here. We aim to enable the reader to learn independently how to use other functionality of these libraries using the available documentation (online and through the packages itself).

Move fast, with confidence. Learn more about Infrastructure at an upcoming webinar.

In this second follow-up post Patryk Zawadzki makes use of wrk benchmarking tool and shows us the performance of gunicorn, uwsgi, PyPy. Besides benchmarking there is good insights into do's and don't of each deployment option.

One of the things you should know, or at least get a good feel about, is the sizes of basic Python objects. Another thing is how Python manages its memory internally.
memory management

A tour/tutorial of everything virtualenv.
virtual environment


We introduce a toolkit for working with the 13.6 million volume Extracted Features Dataset from the HathiTrust Research Center. You will learn how to peer at the words and trends of any book in the collection, while developing broadly useful Python data analysis skills.
data mining

Curated list of awesome django resources aptly named Awesome Django Admin . If you have seen Awesome Python, it's on the same lines. Contribute to it.


Ayala Avenue, Makati, NCR, Philippines
Developing a customized marketing software or program.


violentshell/rollmac - 89 Stars, 13 Fork
Free networks often impose either a time or data restriction and this can be used quickly. When this happens you can change your mac address and reconnect, but this is annoying, and it takes time. In addition, most networks will ask you to re-accept the terms and conditions of the network in order to continue. Rollmac is designed to automate this process by using the WPAD protocol to discover the login page and automatically re-accept the terms and conditions.

dimmg/flusk - 52 Stars, 2 Fork
Flask - SQLAlchemy's declarative base - Docker - custom middleware.

amazon-polly-sample - 12 Stars, 2 Fork
This app allows you to easily convert any publicly available RSS content into audio Podcasts, so you can listen to your favorite blogs on mobile devices instead of reading them.