ImportPython Newsletter
Issue 3 - 10th October 2014

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Just Out

Python 3.4.2 Released

Python 3.4.2 has many bugfixes and other small improvements over 3.4.1. One new feature for Mac OS X users: the OS X installers are now distributed as signed installer package files compatible with the OS X Gatekeeper security feature.

Worthy Read

Little Planet Projection »

A Little Planet Panorma using Python and Scikit Image.

Python Puzzlers »

Set of 6 puzzles that expose some pitfalls and oddities in the Python programming language. For each puzzle, you're given some Python code, and your task is to figure out what happens when the code is run.

Django Authentication Workflow »

Brief overview of the Django User Authentication Workflow.

Django models, encapsulation and data integrity »

As codebases grow it becomes difficult to make any cast-iron guarantees that you really are enforcing application-level data integrity.

Source Code

Pykov - 163 Stars, Trending for 2 Day
Pykov is a tiny Python module on finite regular Markov chains.

Shadowsocks - 3201 Stars, Trending for 2 Days
A fast tunnel proxy that helps you bypass firewalls.

t_dict - 32 Stars, Trending for 1 Day
Traversable Python Dictionaries.

Mastering Bitcon Book's Code - - 492 Stars, Trending for 1 Day
Mastering Bitcoin is a book for developer. It's early draft is on github. Source code is written in Python.

Sorted Containers - 182 Stars, Trending for 1 Day
Python Sorted Container Types: SortedList, SortedDict, and SortedSet written in pure Python, but as fast as C implementations.

Ripple - 1 Stars
A meta web framework for Python.


Glyph Lefkowitz, Creator of Twisted -
Glyph covers why creators have a responsibility to users of their open source projects, why he simultaneously admires and critiques open source communities, and why the open source world should look to its free software roots. He also explains how he took over the Python IRC channel to promote Twisted, how the project was born, why it has a bright future, and much more.


Victor Stinner »

Status of C compilers for Python on Windows

Ola Sitarska »

380 women and girls applied for @DjangoGirls in Warsaw.

Developer Spotlight - Karan Goel

Karan Goel

Upcoming Book - Effective Python

Effective Python