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Issue 10 - 27th November 2014

Just Out

Python 2.7.9rc1

Python 2.7.9rc1 is the first release candidate for the next bugfix version of the Python 2.7 series. Python 2.7.9 will include several significant changes unprecedented in a "bugfix" release

Worthy Read

Top 10 Python Idioms I Wished i had learned earlier »

ipython notebook with example of basic python idioms.Good articles for those learning Python or have been coding in Python for a while.

Rate Limiting with Nginx »

Rate limiting allows you to slow down the rate of requests and even deny requests beyond a specific threshold. A easy way to accomplish is to use nginx itself rather then implement at framework level.

Django Request Response Cycle. »

Overview of what happens during request response cycle in context of Django.

Handling Django's get_query_set rename is hard »

Handling the rename of get_query_set to get_queryset in Django 1.6 is very tricky - much trickier than it might seem. Luke Plant talk Why ?

Teaching Python in your PJ's »

Challenges on taking learning python workshops. Some of these Problems are also faced with Python Local User Groups. Do read on how Katie approach to overcome these hurdles.

Trend Estimation via Hodrick Prescott Filter »

Data aggregation from different sources and from many people make time-series analysis crucially important in these settings. Detecting trends and patterns in time-series signals enable people to respond these changes and take actions intelligibly.

The Future of Asynchronous IO in Python »

Support of asynchronous I/O in Python is decent. Author talks above looking beyond putting a queue for tasks that consume longer cpu cycles or have to wait for I/O. The articles looks at the Python Async world through the spectacle of Software Architecure of Today that rely upon Microservices.

PyData NYC (I gave a machine learning talk! yay!) »

Another blogpost on the PyData NY conference. Here Julia Evans talks about her experience at the conference with focus on Machine Learning.

Apache Log Analysis with Haskell and Python »


Python for Engineers Book

New Book to be released after successful crowd sourcing campaign -

Source Code

dateparser - 240 Stars, 8 Fork
python parser for human readable dates

BurstLink - 131 Stars, 21 Fork
Fake multi connection proxy based on Twisted.

python-jrpc - 45 Stars, 1 Fork
A Python remote procedure call framework that uses JSON RPC v2.0

wii-u-gc-adapter - 33 Stars, 3 Fork
Tool for using the Wii U GameCube Adapter on Linux

topmodel - 33 Stars, 1 Fork
Standard evaluations for binary classifiers so you don't have to

RaspberryPiThermostat - 20 Stars, 6 Fork
A Raspberry Pi-powered smart thermostat written in Python and PHP.

abf - 19 Stars, 2 Fork
Abstract Binary Format Manipulation - ELF, PE and Mach-O format

captcha - 18 Stars, 0 Fork
A captcha library that generates audio and image CAPTCHAs.

python-data-science-workshop - 13 Stars, 3 Fork
Workshop: Python for Data Science

offline-multisig-python - 12 Stars, 3 Fork
Sign bitcoin multisig transactions (P2SH spends) from your Coinkite shared accounts, using this simple python program

cleisthenes - 7 Stars, 0 Fork

A free open source complaints management system.

crawl-frontier - 6 Stars, 2 Fork
A flexible frontier for web crawlers

scheduler_tweet - 5 Stars, 1 Fork
Django app for scheduled tweet

django-dual-authentication - 3 Stars, 0 Fork
Allows authentication with either a username or an email address.

django-social-publisher - 3 Stars, 1 Fork
Easy social posting, using allauth tokens. Several media types (images, videos, text) and several channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc...)


Guido van Rossum

Python 2.7.9 release candidate 1 -- new security features, please test.

Developer Spotlight - Ricardo Garcia

Ricardo Garcia aka rg3 is the developer behind the very popular youtube download python script - and slackroll package or upgrade manager for Slackware Linux.

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