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So what are iterators and iterables, and are they distinct? They are distinct. Iterables are classes that implement the __iter__ method, a method which returns an iterator. Iterators are classes that implement the __next__ method (or next in Python 2), which continuously returns the next element until the end. So this begs the question, does an iterable also have to be an iterator? Or does an iterator also have to be an iterable?

All of our project are setup with continuous deployment on CircleCI. An occasional source of errors has been caused by missing model migrations because the migration wasn’t committed. There’s a simple solution by adding a migration check before deploying.

Reddit Discussion where Python developers are sharing their favourite projects/modules. Lot of noise but found python-dependency-injector to be interesting.
opensource project

Inspired by PEP 505 and the related discussions, this PEP proposes the addition of two new logical operators to Python: i) Existence-checking fallback: expr1 ?else expr2 ii) Existence-checking precondition: expr1 ?and expr2. As well as the following abbreviations for common existence checking expressions and statements i) Existence-checking attribute access: obj?.attr (for obj ?and obj.attr ) ii) Existence-checking subscripting: obj?[expr] (for obj ?and obj[expr] ) iii) Existence-checking assignment: target ?= expr

At, our goal is to make programming more accessible, and as part of this we aim to provide the full power of popular programming environments with no setup time. And no modern programming language is complete without third-party packages. That's why today we're making every Python package ever immediately available on Just select the language (Python or Python3) and start importing packages.

Integrate Filestack in 2 lines of code. Python library for integration

I came across an interesting plotting library called GooPyCharts which is a Python wrapper for the Google Charts API. In this article, we will spend a few minutes learning how to use this interesting package.

The main reason I’m in love with Python is the elegance and beauty of the design the language holds. Why not improve a bit on pip search to match the aesthetics? That’s why I created yip.

Tapioca is a Python API client maker. It gathers most of the features API clients implement and puts them in an extensible core. Wrappers will then extend this core implementing only the specifics from each service (such as authentication and pagination) and get all the common API client features for free. Tapioca approach also comes in handy because regardless of the service, clients look the same in the way you interact with them.
opensource project

Originating from the standard library, inspect not only lets you look at lower level python frame and code objects, it also provides a number of methods for examining modules and classes, helping you find the items that may be of interest. It’s what pydoc uses to generate the help files mentioned previously.
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I want to share 2 specific use cases that I recently encountered. Case 1: Testing without calling a REST/SOAP API and Case 2: Pretend that you have imported a library.

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London, United Kingdom
As our first dedicated Senior Python Developer you will be responsible for the development of all server-side logic, ensuring high performance and responsiveness to all incoming requests. You will help drive our Back End Engineering development strategy from day one, reporting to the CTO.

London, United Kingdom
A unique job opportunity to join the UK’s fastest growing Tech/Artificial Intelligence company as a Python Developer (all levels).

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
RecoSense is seed funded startup, a Data Science led venture offering data intelligent platform for User Personalisation, Recommendation and Analytics. The platform is built on complex Graph Computing, Text Analytics & Machine Learning frameworks. We are looking to build advanced Data Visualization components with industry leading Dashboards for Configuration, Analytics & smooth User experience.


is-service-up - 131 Stars, 17 Fork
IsServiceUp helps you monitor all the cloud services you rely on in a single web page. You can customize it with the services you want to monitor and host it on your own server.

CNN-Sentence-Classifier - 25 Stars, 7 Fork
Simplified implementation of "Convolutional Neural Networks for Sentence Classification" paper

verify-email - 6 Stars, 2 Fork
Tool to check DKIM-Signature of many emails and report results in a spreadsheet

wagtailmodelchooser - 2 Stars, 0 Fork
Model choosers for Wagtail admin. A plugin for Wagtail that provides a ModelChooserPanel and ModelChooserBlock for arbitrary models.