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Useful Youtube channel with short screencast/videos for Python developers to subscribe to. I learned on couple of sublime + Python tricks from here.

This Dockerfile shows you how to build a Docker container with a fairly standard and speedy setup for Django with uWSGI and Nginx.

I have read some interesting Python tutorials lately. I would love to share them with you.
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Ky?kai is a fast asynchronous Python server-side web framework. It is built upon asyncio and the Asphalt framework for an extremely fast web server.
web framework

We recently upgraded our 160,000 lines of backend Python code from Python 2 to Python 3. We did with zero downtime and no major errors! Here’s how we did it, hopefully it will help anyone else still stuck on Python 2!

Bangalore user group meet with Python Automation as the theme

Kickstarter Campaign for wxPython Cookbook.

What happens when you take a tech-driven online fashion company that is experiencing explosive growth and infuse it with a deep open-source mission? You'll find out on this episode of Talk Python To Me. We'll meet Lauri Apple and Rafael Caricio from Zalando where developers there have published almost 200 open source projects on Github.

There are many ways to handle permissions in a project. For instance we may have model level permissions, object level permissions, fine grained user permission or role based. Either way we don't need to be writing any of those from scratch, Django ecosystem has a vast amount of permission handling apps that will help us with the task. In this post we will compare how some popular permission apps work so you know which one suits your project needs.

Do you know what they are? If you are thinking of irrigation circles, you are wrong. Do not believe the lies of the conspirators. Those are, undoubtedly, proofs of extraterrestrial visitors on earth. As I want to be ready for the first contact I need to know where these guys are working. It should be easy with so many satellite images at hand. So I asked the machine learning experts around here to lend me a hand. Surprisingly, they refused. Mumbling I don’t know what about irrigation circles. Very suspicious. But something else they mentioned is that a better initial approach would be to use some computer-vision detection technique. Note - Code is here
image processing

Hopefully this post gave you some insight into why you should consider giving Python a go. This post is coming from someone who feels “guilty” for talking not so good about Python in the past and is now all over the hype train. In my defense, it was just a “personal preference thing”, when people asked me about which language they should learn first, for instance, I usually suggested Python.


fuzzer - 82 Stars, 7 Fork
A Python interface to AFL, allowing for easy injection of testcases and other functionality.

MEAnalyzer - 31 Stars, 6 Fork
Intel Engine Firmware Analysis Tool

pybble - 24 Stars, 1 Fork
Python on Pebble

tensorflow_demo - 6 Stars, 2 Fork
Tensorflow Demo for my TF in 5 Min Video on Youtube

washer - 5 Stars, 0 Fork
A whoosh-based CLI indexer and searcher for your files.