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Python packaging is not bad any more. If you’re a developer, and you’re trying to create or consume Python libraries, it can be a tractable, even pleasant experience. A historical perspective of how it's evolved and where it stands today.

Python 3.6.0a4 has been released. 3.6.0a4 is the last of four planned alpha pre-releases of Python 3.6, the next major release of Python. During the alpha phase, Python 3.6 remains under heavy development: additional features will be added and existing features may be modified or deleted. Please keep in mind that this is a preview release and its use is not recommended for production environments. Python 3.6.0 is planned to be released by the end of 2016. The first beta pre-release, 3.6.0b1, is planned for 2016-09-12.
new release

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Do you write programs in Python? You should be using attrs.
core python

In a Django model, the Manager is the interface that interacts with the database. By default the manager is available through the Model.objects property. The default manager every Django model gets out of the box is the django.db.models.Manager. It is very straightforward to extend it and change the default manager.

The dis module includes functions for working with Python bytecode by “disassembling” it into a more human-readable form. Reviewing the bytecodes being executed by the interpreter is a good way to hand-tune tight loops and perform other kinds of optimizations. It is also useful for finding race conditions in multi-threaded applications, since it can be used to estimate the point in the code where thread control may switch.
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One of the pivotal moments in my professional development this year came when I discovered Coursera. I'd heard of the "MOOC" phenomenon but had not had the time to dive in and take a class. Earlier this year I finally pulled the trigger and signed up for Andrew Ng's Machine Learning class. I completed the whole thing from start to finish, including all of the programming exercises. The experience opened my eyes to the power of this type of education platform, and I've been hooked ever since.
machine learning

Explains Context Manager using "Making a sandwich" as an example.
core python

Wemos D1 mini is a 64x48 oled screen that can be mounted on the d1 really easily. The screen has an I2C interface and driven by a SSD1306 chip which is thankfully supported by micropython. Full details, code snippets, schematics can be found on this article.
embedded systems

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White Plains, NY, United States
We are currently inviting applications from Python Programmer with analytics background for a contract with our client, a global IT consulting firm for their office location in White Plains, NY. This is a part-time position.

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
At CallHub, we help political parties and advocacy groups in their campaigns and causes, using our award winning cloud based telephony platform. Customers round the globe use CallHub to reach people quickly via phone calls and text messages. Our customers include Uber, Accenture, political parties in UK, France, Australia and the US.

Delft, Netherlands
PLAXIS applications are used to create and manipulate models of soil and structures (for example foundations of high rise office towers, tunnels, dikes). They offer diverse functionalities, such as: highly interactive CAD-like graphical user input (both 2D and 3D), geometric calculations, intuitive visualization of calculation results and interfacing with finite element kernels.


PokemonGo-TSP - 65 Stars, 11 Fork
Solving TSP with Simulated Annealing

curlify - 15 Stars, 0 Fork
A library to convert python requests request object to curl command.

buildreport - 13 Stars, 1 Fork
Github pull request summary report for android builds - 8 Stars, 0 Fork, a simple retry library

atom-tracer - 8 Stars, 0 Fork
A language agnostic Atom package for tracing variables inline!

pokemon-csv-to-map - 8 Stars, 0 Fork
A tool useful for Pokemon Go maps, such as pogom or PokemonGo-Map.

geotagger - 7 Stars, 0 Fork
Geotag your photos taken with a GPS-free camera using your smartphone location history data.