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Quickly pinpoint what’s broken and why. Get the context and insights to defeat all application errors. Check out the Python Integration of Rollbar . Easily integrates with Django, Pyramid, Flask, Bottle, Twisted.

One of the key features of the Python language is that everything is an object. These objects are instances of classes.
core python

2016 has been hailed as the year of bots with Facebook, very recently launching their own Messenger platform. This lets businesses (Facebook pages) automatically talk to users/customers to answer questions ranging from simple to complex. The platform is currently in beta but with close to a billion active users, it is by far the biggest messaging platform out there. Naturally, as a person who works a lot with NLP, I had to get my feet wet by building a small toy project. I will list all the basic steps to get a simple keyword based bot powered by Django/Python working on Facebook messenger.

asyncio is an asynchronous I/O framework shipping with the Python Standard Library. In this blog post, we introduce uvloop: a full, drop-in replacement for the asyncio event loop. uvloop is written in Cython and built on top of libuv. uvloop makes asyncio fast. In fact, it is at least 2x faster than nodejs, gevent, as well as any other Python asynchronous framework. The performance of uvloop-based asyncio is close to that of Go programs.
web framework

The Django community is not one to fall to bitrot. Django supports every new release of Python at an impressive pace. Active Django websites are commonly updated to new releases quickly and we take pride in providing stable, predictable upgrade paths. We should be as adamant about keeping up that pace with our frontends as we are with all the support Django and Python put into the backend. I think I can make the case that ES6 is both a part of that natural forward pace for us, and help you get started upgrading the frontend half of your projects today.

Growler is a web framework utilizing the new asynchronous library (asyncio) described in PEP 3156 and added to the standard library in python 3.4. It takes a cue from nodejs's express library, using a series of middleware to process HTTP requests. The custom chain of middleware provides an easy way to implement complex applications.
web framework

Implements high level function caching to Redis with a decorator
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I need some advice. I founded a SAAS startup that is doing pretty well. When I was looking to build out my software I found a developer I had worked with in the past and brought him on as a partner in the business. He held an equity stake and built out the backend of our software (restful API and database) all using Python. Front end is also Python based.

Today we've issued bugfix releases for the 1.9 and 1.8 release series. Details can be found in the release notes for 1.9.6 and 1.8.13.

This module implements a function guard - facility to redirect the the call to one of several function implementations at run time based on the actual call arguments. Wrap each of the identically named functions in a @guard decorator and provide a _when parameter with a default value set to guarding expression.
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I’ve had a theory that for every Noodles, there’s a Qdoba that’s right next door. It might be some sort of selection bias however, since I can think of a couple locations where they’re directly next to each other. To me, Noodles and Qdoba have a special relationship, at least compared to other restaurants. I figured now was about the time I should test this, and I can use Chipotle to test. The question is: Which restaurant is more special to Noodles, Qdoba or Chipotle?
machine learning

Learn how to write code to automatically extract and analyze data from the web and social media. Join students from around the world from law enforcement, journalism, information security and more.

Guess what happens if someone has enough computation power at his / her disposal ?.
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Involved in Australian education, whether formally or informally? Making use of Python in your classes, workshops or other activities? Interested in sharing your efforts with other Australian educators, and with the developers that create the tools you use? Able to get to the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre on Friday August 12th, 2016? Then please consider submitting a proposal to speak at the Python in Australian Education seminar at PyCon Australia 2016!

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Over 80 object-oriented recipes to help you create mind-blowing GUIs in Python.


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sqlitebiter - 81 Stars, 5 Fork
sqlitebiter is a CLI tool to create a SQLite database from CSV/JSON/Excel/Google-Sheets.

cherrypy - 50 Stars, 4 Fork
CherryPy is a pythonic, object-oriented HTTP framework.

TensorNet-TF - 44 Stars, 7 Fork
TensorNet (TensorFlow implementation)

vmbench - 29 Stars, 7 Fork
Network Server Performance Benchmarking Toolbench

tracker - 28 Stars, 9 Fork
Automatically tracking recent changes, so you don't have to

redis_cache - 15 Stars, 4 Fork
Redis Cache decorator

PyDiscover - 13 Stars, 1 Fork
PyDiscover: Simple Secure and Lightweight Python Service Discovery

word-rnn-tensorflow - 7 Stars, 1 Fork
Multi-layer Recurrent Neural Networks (LSTM, RNN) for word-level language models in Python using TensorFlow.

flask-optimize - 6 Stars, 0 Fork
Flask optimization: cache, minify html and gzip response

drow - 6 Stars, 1 Fork
A Django-esque ORM for Riak with an emphasis on flexibility

lightsout - 5 Stars, 0 Fork
A tool to convert radio station playlist data into Spotify playlists.

twitter-sentiment-analysis - 5 Stars, 0 Fork
Command line to for Sentiment analysis of tweets - done for data mining sem project

watchman - 4 Stars, 4 Fork
Ping file changes to an API of your choice

django-webpush - 3 Stars, 2 Fork
Web Push Notification Package for Django