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Learn how to deploy a simple Flask application with an AngularJS user interface to IBM Bluemix® using the Cloud Foundry command-line tool. For this tutorial, we chose Flask over other frameworks like Django, Pyramid, and web2py because it is very lightweight and therefore easy to understand. For just writing up a REST endpoint it is a perfect fit. In addition, we also show you how a single REST endpoint can be used to multiplex between different functions.

Looking for a Python job? Chances are you will need to prove that you know how to work with Python. Here are a couple of questions that cover a wide base of skills associated with Python. Focus is placed on the language itself, and not any particular package or framework. Each question will be linked to a suitable tutorial if there is one. Some questions will wrap up multiple topics.

Toptal freelance experts Damir Zekic and Amar Sahinovic argue the merits of Ruby versus Python, covering everything from speed to performance. Listen to the podcast and weigh in by voting on the superior language and commenting in the thread below.

I started Math & Pencil just about two years ago. Before I started the companies, I had almost zero web development experience (I’m a data guy) - I started a company learning HTTP, Javascript, AJAX, and Django MVC from scratch. It’s been a wild ride, and our technology stack has since matured to using interesting technologies such as D3.js, Backbone.js, Celery, Mongo, Redis, and a bunch of other stuff - but it didnt happen over night. Looking at the thousands of lines of Django code everyday, I thought it would be worth pointing out things I wish I did differently.

Slidedeck that shows tools needed to be productive as a data scientist.
data science

Here is what we are going to build 1) An Ember todo list CRUD app using a JSON API-compliant backend built with Django Rest Framework, Secured using token authentication, With the ability to login and register new users.

IBM Watson is a technology platform that uses natural language processing and machine learning to reveal insights from large amounts of unstructured data. We use the Watson Text to Speech API through Python in this article to build a alert and notification system,

You will create an application using the Django web framework. You will create an application using the Django web framework (see alternate versions of this tutorial for Flask and Bottle). You will create the web app from the Azure Marketplace, set up Git deployment, and clone the repository locally. Then you will run the application locally, make changes, commit and push them to Azure. The tutorial shows how to do this from Windows or Mac/Linux. Curator Note - Our sponsor Azure is offering free $200 to use on Azure for Linux projects. Check it out.-

Segment is the customer data platform that developers and analysts love because of its elegant APIs and extensive partner ecosystem.

Provides a very simple decorator (~40 lines of code) that can turn some or all of your default arguments into keyword-only arguments. You select one of your default arguments by name and the decorator turn this argument along with all default arguments on its right side into keyword only arguments.
code snippet

Everyone wants their website and application to run faster. Also, every website with growing traffic or sharp traffic spikes is vulnerable to performance problems and downtime, often occurring at the worst – that is, busiest – times. Also, nearly all websites suffer performance problems and downtime, whether traffic volume is growing steadily or they experience sharp spikes in usage. That’s where NGINX and NGINX Plus come in. They improve website performance in three different ways. Read to know more.

In a system constructed in a object oriented fashion, we usually have two types of objects: Data objects, where stores the data and Service objects, which manipulates the data. For example, if it is a database backed application it usually has some object that talks to the database, which is the Service object.

The topics in this just-over-four-minute video. pytest, because, PyCharm has run configuration support native to pytest, so we introduce that. Multi-Python-version testing with tox, especially since PyCharm recently added native support. Testing with doctests, using (again) a native run configuration. Did I mention PyCharm has a lot of native run configurations for testing? Ditto for BDD, so we cover test configurations for the behave package. Skipping tests and re-running a test configuration.

This article explains the new features in Python 3.6, compared to 3.5.
core python

Writing tests is important for the stability of our projects and our confidence when making changes. One issue that we must all contend with when crafting these tests is whether or not we are properly exercising all of the edge cases. Property based testing is a method that attempts to find all of those edge cases by generating randomized inputs to your functions until a failing combination is found. This approach has been popularized by libraries such as Quickcheck in Haskell, but now Python has an offering in this space in the form of Hypothesis.

In my last article I presented an approach that simplifies computations of very complex probability models. It makes these complex models viable by shrinking the amount of needed memory and improving the speed of computing probabilities. The approach we were exploring is called the Naive Bayes model. The context was the e-commerce feature in which a user is presented with the promotion box. The box shows the product category the user is most likely to buy. Though the results we got were quite good, I promised to present an approach that gives much better ones. While the Naive Bayes approach may not be acceptable in some scenarios due to the gap between approximated and real values, the approach presented in this article will make this distance much, much smaller.

Butter CMS takes you through exactly how to build a Heroku add-on and shares their experience with the entire process.

The Young Coders workshop explores Python programming by making games. It starts with learning Python's simple data types, including numbers, letters, strings, and lists. Next come comparisons, ‘if’ statements, and loops. Finally, all of the new knowledge is combined by creating a game using the PyGame library. PyCon is excited to once again offer a free full-day tutorial for kids! We invite children 12 and up to join us for a day of learning how to program using Python.

This book hopes to rectify that situation. Between these covers is a collection of knowledge and ideas from many sources on dealing with and creating descriptors. And, after going through the things all descriptors have in common, it explores ideas that have multiple ways of being implemented as well as completely new ideas never seen elsewhere before. This truly is a comprehensive guide to creating Python descriptors.


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DynamicMemoryNetworks - 27 Stars, 9 Fork
Python implementation of DMN

waybackpack - 21 Stars, 0 Fork
Download the entire Wayback Machine archive for a given URL.

spammy - 21 Stars, 1 Fork
spammy: Spam filtering made easy for you

django-gunicorn - 13 Stars, 0 Fork
Run Django development server with Gunicorn.

dodotable - 13 Stars, 1 Fork
HTML table representation for SQLAlchemy

PyCraft - 12 Stars, 4 Fork
A fork of "Minecraft in 500 lines of python" intended to be used as a real engine, instead of as a learning example.

api-star - 12 Stars, 0 Fork
An API framework for Flask & Falcon.

unsafe - 7 Stars, 3 Fork
Experiments in execution of untrusted Python code. This is a little experiment to see to what extent, if any, it is possible to run untrusted Python (or at least Python-like) code under Python 3 while successfully preventing it from escaping the sandbox it's put inside.

quotekey - 7 Stars, 1 Fork
Boutique SSH keypair generator. Plain old randomness just doesn't cut it sometimes. Personalize your SSH keys.

python_console.log - 6 Stars, 1 Fork
Its about time that python got a console.log. For years, JavaScript developers have had a one up on Python. They've been able to print whatever they like to the console using the infamous console.log command. It's about time python had this killer functionality. I've managed to replicate this behavior using state of the art python class(es).