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This stylized presentation of the well-established PEP 8 was created by Kenneth Reitz (for humans).

"We created sidomo - Simple Docker Module* so that if you can get your weirdo app to run in any linux environment, then you can instantly call it from Python with zero added effort." - I highly recommend that you read this. It's pretty awesome

Python toolkit that reads any JSON formatted Swagger (Open API) schema and generates methods for making requests to operations defined in the schema.

A big update to the beloved Python web framework known as Django was released recently: Django 1.9. This release contains a long list of improvements for everything from the graphical styling of the admin to the ability to run your test suite in parallel.

We have opened up the early-bird sales today and tickets are selling fast. The first 100 early-bird tickets, we have available, will be gone in an hour. If you want to benefit from reduced ticket prices too, please register soon.Our early bird ticket sales are limited to 300 tickets. Regular ticket sales will start shortly after we’ve ended the early bird sales.

In basketball, we typically talk about 5 positions: point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, and center. Based on this, one might expect NBA players to fall into 5 distinct groups- Point guards perform similar to other point guards, shooting guards perform similar to other shooting guards, etc. Is this the case? Do NBA players fall neatly into position groups?

Have you ever wanted to combine two or more dictionaries in Python? There are multiple ways to solve this problem: some are awkward, some are inaccurate, and most require multiple lines of code. Let’s walk through the different ways of solving this problem and discuss which is the most Pythonic.

Yet again I missed out on a getting a talk into PyCon US. The title of my proposed talk was the same as this blog post. Since it wasn’t accepted, I thought I might instead use a blog post to give a sneak peek at some of the more recent work I have been doing on Python web application deployment, which I otherwise would have described a bit about in my talk if it had been accepted.

In a few of my client projects, we’ve discussed giving up on Django and moving to a microframework, typically when the clients want to do some interesting stuff (in one case, for example, embedding ZeroMQ in the application object) and the project goals seem more difficult to achieve with Django.

We launched Cronitor in June 2014 after a few weeks of hacking on an MVP. With an eye on shipping quickly we built everything within Django, including our crucial ping tracking endpoints, and it was a valuable force multiplier. The first version of our tracker was a normal view function that persisted directly to the database. Keep it simple, right?

When started to receive more than 1 request per second, it became clear I could not just go on carelessly restarting web servers after code deploys. For a monitoring service, it would be bad form to miss even a few HTTP requests. And, going forward, if the server gets busier, the problem only becomes bigger.


Bangalore, Karnataka, India
We are a bunch of crazy hackers building the next-generation recruitment tool which allows companies to assess candidates on any technology, discover talent and hire the potential ones collaboratively. If you are crazy to build an awesome product with no compromise on the design and aesthetics then please do apply.

Brussels, Belgium
FAMOCO is a fast growing startup building mobile infrastructures for payment, transportation, loyalty, and e-government. In 2 years time, with offices in Paris, Brussels, India and Hong Kong, we seduced clients in more than 25 countries.

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Riptide IO has multiple openings for Python programmers in dev and dev-test teams. We are looking for full-time entry-, mid- and expert-level Python programmers. Writes idiomatic PEP8 compliant object-oriented Python code.


sidomo - 190 Stars, 6 Fork
Simple Docker Python Module

monica - 133 Stars, 9 Fork
:fork_and_knife: monica is a command line chef that brings you tasty food.

pyElectronics - 43 Stars, 2 Fork
Python 3 library for working with electronics

hogwarts - 31 Stars, 3 Fork
A slackbot to award house points

computational_physics_whu - 31 Stars, 12 Fork
Something about the computational physics lesson

python-jumpstart-course-demos - 30 Stars, 1 Fork
Contains all the "handout" materials for my Python Jumpstart by Building 10 Apps course. This includes try it yourself and finished versions of the 10 apps.

draw - 30 Stars, 3 Fork
TensorFlow Implementation of "DRAW: A Recurrent Neural Network For Image Generation"

json-to-elm - 18 Stars, 1 Fork
Create Elm type aliases and decoders based on JSON input

goggles - 11 Stars, 2 Fork
twitter exploration script, written in python