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Issue - 61

Worthy Read

In this episode I interview Ned Batchelder. I know that is very important to a lot of people to understand how much of their code is being covered by their test suites. Since I’m far from an expert on coverage, I asked Ned to discuss it on the show.

Today, I'm pleased to announce the first major release of Zappa - a system for running "serverless" Python web applications using AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway. Zappa handles all of the configuration and deployment automatically - now, you can deploy an infinitely scalable application to the cloud with a single command - all for a minute fraction of the cost of a traditional web server.

The Talks committee has been hard at work since the Call For Proposals closed 5 weeks ago, and today we are thrilled to present the result — here are the talks that the committee has chosen for PyCon 2016 in Portland, Oregon!

I think we can all agree that React and Django Rest Framework are both awesome. But hooking React into your Django app can really be a nightmare, especially if you’re unfamiliar with webpack, npm, and babel. I’m going to walk you through how to get Django Rest Framework (DRF) to work with React.

The Python 101 Screencast has been finished for a little over a month now and I am now releasing it for general consumption. The Python 101 Screencast is based on my book, Python 101. I went through all 44 chapters of the book and turned each of them into a standalone screencast.

PyCon accepted my talk "Write an Excellent Programming Blog". If you got in, too, congratulations! Now we have to write our talks. Steps Plan your time, Inspire, Outline, Rehearse immediately, Make room for new insights, Put off making slides, Rehearse with friends, Get a coach, Excel.

It’s time for another free hour-long Webinar! This time, I’ll be talking about the increasingly popular tools for data science in Python, namely Pandas and Matplotlib. How can you read data into Pandas, manipulate it, and then plot it? I’ll show you a large number of examples and use cases, and we’ll also have lots of time for Q&A.

Docker is an open source infrastructure management platform for running and deploying software. The Docker platform is constantly evolving so an exact definition is currently a moving target. Docker can package up applications along with their necessary operating system dependencies for easier deployment across environments. In the long run it has the potential to be the abstraction layer that easily manages containers running on top of any type of server, regardless of whether that server is on Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine, Linode, Rackspace or elsewhere.

The pytest core group is heading towards the biggest sprint in its history, to take place in the black forest town Freiburg in Germany. As of February 2016 we have started a funding campaign on Indiegogo to cover expenses The page also mentions some preliminary topics. Here is the campaign URL

Aisha Bello is a current student at Cardiff Metropolitan University, where she’s finishing up a MSc in Information Technology. Her final project is centered on open source data mining technologies for small and medium-sized hospitality organizations. Aisha co-organized and coached at Django Girls Windhoek in January 2016, and is also organizing a Django Girls workshop in Lagos, Nigeria in February 2016.

This PEP proposes the creation of a new platform tag for Python package built distributions, such as wheels, called manylinux1_{x86_64,i686} with external dependencies limited to a standardized, restricted subset of the Linux kernel and core userspace ABI. It proposes that PyPI support uploading and distributing wheels with this platform tag, and that pip support downloading and installing these packages on compatible platforms.

Looking for an open source alternative to Mathematica or MatLab for solving algebraic equations? Look no further than the excellent SymPy project. It is a well built and easy to use Computer Algebra System (CAS) and in this episode we spoke with the current project maintainer Aaron Meurer about its capabilities and when you might want to use it.

Why are you recommending Python? That's the question a colleague of mine asked when I was pitching Python for data science work. It is a fair question, and I tried to answer with facts and not opinions.
core python

I've been using this pattern for many years in my applications, and I always found strange nobody ever mentioned it. Since it has prove useful to me in many different projects, I think it's a perfect occasion to put some life again in my blog.

Luthor utilizes all efficient tricks from pholcidae to make XML parsing as simple as never before. Luthor uses lxml's iterable parsing mechanism to parse files of any size.


Paris, France
At Gorgias (Techstars NYC '15), we’re making customer support software to easily handle big volumes of customer requests. We’re using machine-learning to automatically group requests, suggest the right responses and show only the relevant information for the customer support agent to take swift action on repetitive tasks.

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Springboard is an online education startup with a big vision for transforming education using open online learning.  We believe we are in the early days of a revolution that will not only increase access to great education, but also transform the way people learn.

Cornwall, United Kingdom
Headforwards are looking for a Python developer to join their team on an existing project. Some front end experience with web technologies such as HTML / CSS / JQuery / AJAX / JavaScript / HTML5 would be useful additional knowledge.


bigchaindb - 158 Stars, 14 Fork
A scalable blockchain database

BinaryNet - 76 Stars, 5 Fork
Training Deep Neural Networks with Weights and Activations Constrained to +1 or -1

pip-check - 54 Stars, 1 Fork
Gives you a quick overview of all installed packages and their update status. Very much like pip list -o but with colors. Inspired by npm-check though lacks most of its features (yet).

pyq - 45 Stars, 1 Fork
A tool to search for Python code using jQuery-like selectors

Implementation of Dynamic memory networks by Kumar et al.

grabbySub2 - 15 Stars, 1 Fork
Grab movie/tv subtitles, hand crafted for you!

pygraph - 13 Stars, 0 Fork
CLI interface to python graphviz

models - 9 Stars, 3 Fork
Models built with TensorFlow

kaggle-homesite - 9 Stars, 1 Fork
Top15 Model for Kaggle-Competition "Homesite Quote Conversion"

django_simpleCrud - 8 Stars, 1 Fork
This is django simple crud featuring Bootstrap CSS + jQuery

AWSInventoryLambda - 7 Stars, 3 Fork
Save AWS inventory as CSV on S3 and trigger emails

modpack-helper - 6 Stars, 0 Fork
Ease the deployement of modded Minecraft servers

erandom - 4 Stars, 0 Fork
Like /dev/random but with emojis!

animated-win-background - 4 Stars, 1 Fork
Animated backgrounds on Windows (GIF frames)

pkgquiz - 4 Stars, 3 Fork
Match debian package names to their descriptions

bin_analyzer - 4 Stars, 0 Fork
Toy project for static analysis of ELF binaries

django-auth-adfs - 3 Stars, 0 Fork
A Django authentication backend for ADFS