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Issue - 59

Worthy Read

Minecraft is a sandbox video game. A game where you build constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D generated world. One can then explore worlds, do resource gathering, plan combat. What makes minecraft interesting is you can use Python API and create, control the world using Python. Here is a review of the book.
book review

Ned batchelder endorses Harry Percival's book Test-Driven Development with Python. If you have been reading this newsletter for long you would know we love the book. Here's another proof it's worth reading.
book review

Where I work we are actively using Apache Mesos to deploy our production applications written in Go, Python, Lua, etc. We also use Chronos and Marathon. In this article I’ll show you how to setup a local Mesos Cluster complete with Marathon (using Docker) and how to build a simple Python 3.x application to deploy into it.

This repository holds a collection of states and modules for deployments using SaltStack. These exist primarily to support the Caktus Django project template.

Katie Bell is a developer at Grok Learning, where she’s been doing a combination of things since joining the team in March 2015. She builds new components of the learning platform and also writes course content. Grok Learning provides programming and web development courses to be used in schools. Before Katie moved back to Sydney to join Grok, she was a Site Reliability Engineer at Google in Switzerland, working on storage systems.

meza is a Python library for reading and processing tabular data. It has a functional programming style API, excels at reading/writing large files, and can process 10+ file types.

PyDelhi Conference is an upcoming conference hosted by PyDelhi Community which focuses on using and developing using the Python programming language. The conference, now in its first year, will be conducted annually by the PyDelhi community. We hope to attract the best Python programmers from across the country and abroad.

walrus is my go-to toolkit for working with Redis in Python, and hopefully this post will convince you that it can be your go-to as well. I've tried to include lots of high-level Python APIs built on Redis primitives and the result is quite a lot of functionality. In this post I'll take you on a tour of the library and show examples of how it might be useful in your next project.

Py URL Shortener is a Python powered Flask app implementing a technique in which a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) has been made substantially shorter in length and still direct to the required page. This is achieved by using a redirect on a domain name that is short, which links to the web page that has a long URL.

PEP proposes the creation of a new platform tag for Python package built distributions, such as wheels, called manylinux1_{x86_64,i386} with external dependencies limited to a standardized, restricted subset of the Linux kernel and core userspace ABI. It proposes that PyPI support uploading and distributing wheels with this platform tag, and that pip support downloading and installing these packages on compatible platforms.

django-scribbler is an application for managing snippets of text for a Django website.


Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


whatportis - 164 Stars, 14 Fork
A command to search port names and numbers

django-stackoverflow-trace - 104 Stars, 3 Fork
A customized django stack trace

flyover - 62 Stars, 5 Fork
what's that plane flying over my apartment RIGHT NOW?

open-syllabus-project - 30 Stars, 0 Fork
What can be learned from 1M+ college course syllabi?

django-post-request-task - 22 Stars, 2 Fork
A celery task class whose execution is delayed until after the request finishes, using request_started and request_finished signals from django.

jenkins-phoenix - 21 Stars, 5 Fork
Stateless Jenkins deployment with Docker

preprocessor - 12 Stars, 1 Fork
Elegant tweet preprocessing

Gitffiti - 12 Stars, 0 Fork
Gitffiti Repo

pipstrap - 9 Stars, 1 Fork
A small script that can act as a trust root for installing pip 8

pipgh - 8 Stars, 1 Fork
A tool to install python packages from Github.