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Issue - 57

Worthy Read

Let’s look at how to bootstrap a Django Project pre-loaded with the basic requirements needed in order to quickly get a project up and running. Further, beyond the project structure, most bootstrapped projects also take care of setting up the development and production environment settings, without troubling the user much – so we’ll look at that as well.

The book is terrific and manages to cover a lot of important scraping topics in just 140 pages. The author provides enough information so that by the end of the book you've got an arsenal of techniques and code for scraping a variety of websites. At the same time, the book avoids getting bogged down on any one topic.

The U.N. world population prospects data set depicts the U.N.’s projections for every country’s population, decade by decade through 2100. The 2015 revision was recently released, and I analyzed, visualized, and mapped the data (methodology and code described below).

Satellizer, an easy to use token-based authentication module for AngularJS, simplifies the process of implementing authentication mechanism in AngularJS, The library comes with built-in support for Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, GitHub, Bitbucket, Yahoo, Twitch, and Microsoft (Windows Live) accounts.

I have a user-agnostic set of data: data that has nothing to do with the user viewing the site. I want to make that data somewhat personal by adding attributes (fields) to the data that suit an authenticated (logged-in) user. Django REST framework easily allows me to serialize the data model. The serialized data has fields corresponding with data model fields.

K. Rain Leander is a systematic, slightly psychic, interdisciplinary developer evangelist with a Bachelor’s in dance and a Master’s in IT. An epic public speaker, she has disappeared within a box stuffed with swords, created life, and went skydiving with the Queen. Seriously. Rain is an active technical contributor with RDO manager, OpenStack, Django Girls, and Project DO.

If you have a large Django 1.7+ project with a lot of migrations running test even with --keepdb can be slow just because the new migration framework has to order the migrations even if there is nothing to do.

Over the last several years since my book, The Python Standard Library by Example, was published many folks I’ve talked with at conferences or by email have asked when I would be updating the content for Python 3. I’ve been putting off that work, mostly because of other projects. I’m happy to announce that I’ve finally started updating the content and intend to publish updates weekly.

This document goes beyond PEP8 to cover the core of what I think of as great Python style. It is opinionated, but not too opinionated. It goes beyond mere issues of syntax and module layout, and into areas of paradigm, organization, and architecture. I hope it can be a kind of condensed "Strunk & White" for Python code.

A terminal multiplexer (like tmux) in Python


Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Design and develop core server side components for consumer facing site as well as for backend logistics.

Vadodara, Gujarat, India


docker-autocompose - 31 Stars, 1 Fork
Generate a docker-compose yaml definition from a running container

import_from_github_com - 19 Stars, 0 Fork
Python module finder/loader from github, like in golang

New-Year-Tower-Light - 16 Stars, 2 Fork
IoT Tower alert we did this last night of 2015!!

Job-Parser - 15 Stars, 7 Fork
small web parser that gets all the top jobs and visualizes the various salaries for each position

django-sequences - 15 Stars, 1 Fork
Generate gap-less sequences of integer values.

PenBox - 10 Stars, 6 Fork
A tool that has all the tools , penetration tester's repo

GoFeather - 9 Stars, 0 Fork
Alternate Go mode for Sublime Text 3

Mosaicer - 9 Stars, 1 Fork
A quick and dirty mosaic generating program

PyFladesk-rss-reader - 7 Stars, 0 Fork
simple rss reader by PyFladesk