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Issue - 52

Worthy Read

Shauna Gordon-McKeon is a developer, writer, and researcher with a particular passion for open science and free software. She runs a development consulting business, Galaxy Rise Consulting.

David is also author of few popular Python books.

In case you think you’ve found a security bug in django: look at and only contact Don’t report such a bug publicly, as that makes it much harder to make and distribute a proper fix.

Having a hacking guide for a project as big as OpenStack is a must. Reminds me of the one OpenOffice has to get people productive. OpenStack is dying a slow death, IMHO.

With the new Star Wars trailer coming out, I’ve been really excited about space lately. This could be pretty obvious based on what I wore during my API demo at BostonHacks last weekend. Twilio also had private screenings of The Martian for community members recently in several different cities. Pretty cool topic.

I have to be clear that I am obsessed with the str.format() family of functions. I've happily left the string % operator behind. I recently re-discovered the vars() function.
core python

DjangoCon US is a 6-day international community conference for the community by the community , held each year in North America , about the Django web framework . DjangoCon US has something for everyone , from the person who develops Django applications for a living , to the person who just tinkers in their spare time .

Did you ever want to have a simple Django notification bot? An intranet one which just sends you (or someone you tell it to) Jabber messages when certain events occur? So did I. Please, welcome: django-jabber.

In 1637, Pierre de Fermat wrote in the margin of a book that he had a proof of his famous "Last Theorem".Andrew Wiles proved Fermat's theorem in 1995, but Beal's offer of $1,000,000 for a proof or disproof of his conjecture remains unclaimed. I don't have the mathematical skills of Wiles, so all I can do is write a program to search for counterexamples. I first wrote that program in 2000, and my name got associated with Beal's Conjecture, which means I get a lot of emails with purported proofs or counterexamples (many asking how they can collect their prize money). So far, all the emails have been wrong. This page catalogs some of the more common errors—including two mistakes of my own—and shows an updated program.

Slackipy is a little web server which helps you automate user invites to your Slack team. It is written using Flask and for templating it uses Jinja2, hence it is very easy to customise and add new features like captcha, password requirement etc on top of it.
security release

A class for persistent queues. Code Snippet.
code snippet

Historically, the board members of the Django Software Foundation have been elected by the DSF membership; however, once elected, they have sat on the board until they chose to stand down. To improve the accountability of the board, last year all board members were elected for one calendar year. The time has now come for the re-election of the board.


Pavia, PV, Italia - innovative #basketball #coaching #analytics that win. We are a fresh startup in the world of Big Data Sports Analytics.


TensorFlow-Tutorials - 554 Stars, 49 Fork
Simple tutorials using Google's TensorFlow Framework

caffe-tensorflow - 21 Stars, 3 Fork
Proof of concept for loading Caffe models in TensorFlow

nvda - 12 Stars, 7 Fork
NVDA, the free and open source Screen Reader for Microsoft Windows

ascii_art - 12 Stars, 0 Fork
Converts images to ASCII art

gesture-pacman - 9 Stars, 1 Fork
playing pacman with gestures .

balise - 9 Stars, 2 Fork
A portable, lightweight, locally-hosted IPv4 and IPv6 geolocation API/server

autospec - 7 Stars, 1 Fork
RPM packaging automation tool

url2markdown-cli - 7 Stars, 1 Fork
Convert website to markdown from URL. Powered by kennethreitz/url2markdown

canvas - 7 Stars, 1 Fork backend and frontend