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Issue - 47

Worthy Read

In this post, we'll build SQLite with the new JSON extension, then build pysqlite against the json-ready SQLite.

Build environment for Flask development with Grunt for frontend development. Testing and integration handled by Travis CI. Zero-downtime deployment stack with Nginx and Gunicorn, configured easily with Fabric locally or from Travis CI.

docker image for django (uwsgi) & nginx based off of debian:jessie

A good article check falcon working with PyPy. Not sure about the massively scalable claim though given lack of benchmarks.

Here is the talk I gave at the python meetup about how to generate SQL and pandas requests using Python AST module. We use it at Serenytics to add new computed columns to better analyze and explore your data, be they stored in a CSV file or on a SQL server

My slides for Django 1.8 and PostgreSQL are available.

Last year, the Python Software Foundation adopted an open membership model, allowing anyone that uses and supports Python to become a member of the foundation. Furthering our efforts on this front, the historical psf-members mailing list has been retired, and two new mailing lists have been created in its place: psf-community and psf-vote.

Today were announcing PyCharm Edu 2, the second version of our free, easy-to-use and professional IDE for learning and teaching programming with Python.

Domino has offered support for IPython/Jupyter for a while, but we recently added support for two newer, up-and-coming tools for interactive data science: Beaker Notebooks, and Rodeo. This post gives a brief overview of each tool and describes how to use them on Domino.

The problem is that I like to put section headings in Title Case . Titlecases all markdown section headers in a directory . So how do I programmatically (i.e. quickly) ensure that dozens of files scattered across multiple directories have section headers that are accurately titlecased?

PeachPy is a Python framework for writing high-performance assembly kernels.

A few articles ago I showed you how to create a Python 3 Microservice (a simple Minecraft service). At the end of that article I mentioned in the future I’d show you how to build a self-contained Python application/service. Well, Continue reading ...

One of my clients is writing software in Julia so Im picking up the language. I looked at Julia briefly when it first came out but havent used it for work. My memory of the language was that it was almost a dialect of Python.

The chapter I wrote with Guido van Rossum about Python async coroutines is available now, as an early access release before publication.

This week we welcome Christopher Clarke (@realchrisdev) as our PyDev of the Week. Christopher writes a Python blog that is worth your time perusing. You might also find his github profile interesting. Lets spend some time getting to know him better!


videodigest - 110 Stars, 6 Fork
Automatic Video Summaries

pycaffe-recurrent - 41 Stars, 8 Fork
IPython notebook for training multilayer LSTM and RNN networks with pycaffe

django-rest-marshmallow - 22 Stars, 1 Fork
Marshmallow schemas for Django REST framework

retext - 12 Stars, 0 Fork
Editor for Markdown and reStructuredText

Falcon-REST-API-Pattern - 8 Stars, 0 Fork
Massively scalable RESTFul API design with Falcon and PyPy

twilio-fb-notification - 7 Stars, 4 Fork
A python script to receive your Facebook notifications on your mobile via SMS for free.

plotdf - 5 Stars, 0 Fork
Python package to plot phase portraits of 2D differential equations.

nfl-stats - 3 Stars, 0 Fork
A suite of tools for getting NFL team, player and game data, as well as real-time statistics.

strif - 3 Stars, 1 Fork
Tiny and useful Python lib for strings+files