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Issue - 46

Worthy Read

Plotly’s new map making tools let you tell stories about data as it relates to geography. This post shows five examples of how you can make and style choropleth, subplot, scatter, bubble, and line maps. We made these maps with our APIs for R and Python.

This is the story of how we ditched Django REST Framework Serializers for serpy and got a performance boost in almost all of our API endpoints.

Proposals are now being accepted for PyData NYC 2015. The event brings together analysts, scientists, developers, engineers, architects and others from the data science community to discuss new techniques and tools for management, analytics and visualization of data.

Lucie has been a PhD student in geography and Korean studies at EHESS but recently decided to change careers and work in programming in the future. She organized Django Girls Paris in April and launched PyLadies Paris. Lucie attended the first Django Girls workshop at Europython last year and she coached this year at the Django Girls workshop in Bilbao. Lucie gave a talk at DjangoCon Europe 2015 on Django and Social Sciences. She is also the Django Girls Awesomeness Ambassador.

PyParallel is an experimental, proof-of-concept fork of Python 3.3.5 designed to optimally exploit contemporary hardware: multiple CPU cores, fast SSDs, NUMA architectures, and fast I/O channels (10GbE, Thunderbolt, etc). It presents a solution for removing the limitation of the Python Global Interpreter Lock (GIL) without needing to actually remove it at all.

Setting up a Python project is usually quite boring, cumbersome and definitely repetitive. You create the structure of your package with package folder, test and docs folder, generate the files and for starters. This is exactly where PyScaffold excels.

Python supports multiple ways to format text strings. These include %-formatting , str.format() , and string.Template . Each of these methods have their advantages, but in addition have disadvantages that make them cumbersome to use in practice. This PEP proposed to add a new string formatting mechanism: Literal String Interpolation.
core python

Pure python implementations of the Simon and Speck block ciphers. These are small ciphers designed by the National Security Agency for use in constrained hardware and software environments such as micro controllers or small ASICs/FPGAs.

Here are some resources that we used in making Callisto secure, as presented at DjangoCon 2015.

Slingshot a suite of tools to make Django development faster and learning Django easier.

Bryan Van de Ven is the project maintainer for Bokeh, a plotting and visualization toolkit that allows Python developers to easily create attractive interactive visualizations for the web. We talked about the project’s history, some interesting use cases for it, and what its near future looks like.

Speedups Overall we measured about 50% speed improvement in the optimizer , which reduces the overall warmup time between 10% and 30% . We 're hoping to continue improving upon warmup time and memory impact in the future , stay tuned for improvements .

In this tutorial, we'll use Python with the Numpy and Theano to get a feel for writing machine learning algorithms. We'll start with a brief intro those libraries, and then implement a logistic regression and a neural network, looking at some properties of the implementations as we train them.
machine learning


Cebu City, Central Visayas, Philippines
Help build a massively scalable platform that will change the face of messaging worldwide: the first self-service solution to enable NGOs, governments, and businesses to easily and quickly launch comprehensive messaging, surveying, curriculum, and decision tree programs focused worldwide via SMS, USSD, and Voice Calls in 200+ countries.

Rumma & Ko does development, maintenance and end-user support of customised database applications since 2001. We have around 20 satisfied customers being handled by only one developer. Since 2009 we are investing most of our energy into .


twittor - 151 Stars, 24 Fork
A fully featured backdoor that uses Twitter as a C&C server

robinhood - 148 Stars, 16 Fork
This library facilitates automated, commission-free stock trading from Python using Robinhood's API.

hillary-clinton-emails - 71 Stars, 10 Fork
Code to transform Hillary's emails from raw PDF documents to a SQLite database

snaql - 54 Stars, 6 Fork
Raw SQL queries from Python without pain

minimal-docker-python-setup - 32 Stars, 2 Fork
A demo of a minimal Nginx-uWSGI-Flask-Redis stack using Docker in less than 42 mb.

Album-Splitter - 20 Stars, 2 Fork
Split a single-file mp3 album into its tracks. Supports downloading from YouTube.

ped - 17 Stars, 1 Fork
Open Python modules from the command line

because-moe - 17 Stars, 2 Fork
anime streaming search engine

password_scrambler - 15 Stars, 4 Fork
Password scrambler - small util to make your easy passwords complicated!