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Issue - 45

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Hey readers, Just added a new Job Board section to ImportPython. 100% free to post and apply. Will even feature your posting in the newsletter. Please spread the word.

I was recently approached by the author of the free eBook, Intermediate Python by Muhammad Yasoob Ullah Khalid to review his work. Yasoob is the fellow behind the Python Tips blog. The book has been released as open source on Github but can be downloaded as a PDF from ReadTheDocs.

Listen in as we talk to Luke Crouch about upgrading from Django 1.4 to 1.7, MDN and discuss a potential move from a dedicated data center to AWS.

Caching pages, or even portions of pages is one of the easier ways to speed up a website's performance. Minifying markup can help save space in memory-based data stores. Using a CDN means your users can potentially download the content closer to where they are. In this post I'll walk through performing all the above in a Django project.

Ever since we started Django Girls, making it open source was a top priority; our repository has never been private. Today, we still believe that open source is the way to go more than ever. But over the past year, we’ve learned that maintaining and growing a big project like Django Girls is damn hard! The bigger we grew, the slower we started to move.

So after reading one of my Python books (available free online here and here), you're no longer a complete beginner and would like to know where to go next. It can be hard to find intermediate-level material: stuff that isn't for total beginners or advanced computer scientists. Topics that you should google for are Python standard library, Python object oriented programming, Python idioms, and popular Python modules.

The Komodo dev team has been busy adding tons of functionality to our Komodo IDE and Edit products over the past several months. Most recently we released Komodo 9.2, which includes ... read more ...

Take programming in python. PEP 8, python’s official style guide is recognized by most of the python programmers as the style guide they should adhere to. At least, nobody in my company complained if I adjusted/fixed their code to comply with PEP 8.
core python

We got the chance to talk to Jessica McKellar about her work in the Python community. She told us about her experience as a director for the PSF, working as the diversity outreach manager for PyCon, and being a champion for improving the on-boarding experience for new users of Python. We also discussed perceptions around the performance of Python and some of the work being done to improve concurrency, as well as her work with OpenHatch.


Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
As a Principal Engineer at Ace Learning, you will be part of an elite team of engineers that are specialized in building out the next generation online education experience.

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
We are a bunch of crazy hackers building the next-generation recruitment tool which allows companies to assess candidates on any technology, discover talent and hire the potential ones collaboratively. If you are crazy to build an awesome product with no compromise on the design and aesthetics then please do apply.


green - 245 Stars, 18 Fork
A clean, colorful, fast python test runner.

proof - 83 Stars, 3 Fork
proof is a Python library for creating optimized, repeatable and self-documenting data analysis pipelines.

hackers-grep - 67 Stars, 6 Fork
hackers-grep is a utility to search for strings in PE executables including imports, exports, and debug symbols

text-memorize - 23 Stars, 1 Fork
A tool to help memorize a given text.

flask2postman - 21 Stars, 1 Fork
:rocket: A tool that creates a Postman configuration from a Flask application.

sublime-perfectionist - 18 Stars, 0 Fork
A Powerful Sublime Text plugin to beautify your CSS!