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Looks like a good guide to running Django on apache.

This talk will be an introduction to the most commonly used Python Debugger commands and what they do. Learn how to navigate and inspect code from the pdb prompt so you can better understand how it works. The Python Debugger is a valuable debugging tool for all levels of Python programmers. You should walk away being able to debug the next Python code you encounter!

In this notebook we're going to use some great python modules to explore, understand and classify domains as being 'legit' or having a high probability of being generated by a DGA (Dynamic Generation Algorithm). We have 'legit' in quotes as we're using the domains in Alexa as the 'legit' set. The primary motivation is to explore the nexus of IPython, Pandas and scikit-learn with DGA classification as a vehicle for that exploration.

Vivian is a full stack developer that likes to make things prettier and more functional. Shes also a bitcoin geek and a Startup Weekend Education Organizer. When shes not writing code shes organizing meetings for the Pyladies Santo Domingo Chapter.

SQLite contains a new, experimental version of the full-text search extension named FTS5. Reviewing the documentation for FTS5, I saw that it includes a couple cool enhancements, namely a more sophisticated query language, and built-in BM25 result ranking. I decided to give it a try and thought I'd share my notes on compiling the extension in case anyone else is curious.

In one of my projects, I work with Twitter api. I need to fetch a user's tweets. Twitter provides an api endpoint for fetching user's tweets. Fetching of tweets involve network calls and so should happen in background, so we fetch the tweets using a celery task. So I have a celery task which makes one api call to Twitter. If I am able to fetch the tweets I consider the celery task was successful.

The global interpreter lock (GIL) seems to be often cited as a major reason why threading and the like is a touch tricky in Python - which raises the question "Why was that done in the first place?" Being Not A Programmer, I've got no clue why that might be - what was the logic behind putting in the GIL?

Do you have Python experience and want to get into web development? Or maybe you are experienced in web development and curious about other platforms. Either way, this course has answers, demos, and practical tips for you, as you add another tool to your technology tool belt. Join the always-entertaining expert team of Christopher Harrison and Susan Ibach, and walk through the most popular (and very powerful) open source web development platform for Python, Django.

We’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of Django Girls RDU, a group in NC’s Triangle region that hosts free one-day Django coding workshops for women. Django Girls is part of an international movement that’s helped 1,600 (and counting!) women learn how to code.

A few days ago, while looking at the major league standings, I felt certain the Cubs have been at a standstill since May. For the Cubs, this is an improvement—they spend most seasons in decline—but it’s less than what was expected of them according to several preseason predictions. I decided to use Pandas and Matplotlib to see how (and if) their season was progressing.
data science

Please follow these coding standards when writing code for inclusion in Django.

We are looking for candidates who would love to collaborate with us in our offices in downtown Durham, NC to directly contribute to both open source projects created at Caktus as well as open source projects used by Caktus, such as Django. As previously mentioned, this will be a part-time position and will be taking the place of our normal fall internship program. If successful, we may expand this into a full-time position for future iterations.

Yesterday I gave a talk titled “How I Built a Power Debugger Out of the Standard Library and Things I Found On the Internet” at PyOhio 2015. The slides and video are now online.


data-science-blogs - 1556 Stars, 118 Fork
A curated list of data science blogs

PortDog - 82 Stars, 21 Fork
PortDog is a network anomaly detector aimed to detect port scanning techniques. It is entirely written in python and has easy-to-use interface. It was tested on Ubuntu 15.

relationships - 66 Stars, 1 Fork
redis backed user relationships on it's simplest form.

ipgeobase_importer - 31 Stars, 7 Fork
Import ipgeobase to nginx geoIP compatible files

python_learners_glossary - 22 Stars, 8 Fork
Definitions of Pardon jargon to help Python beginners understand Pythonista gobbletigook

sqlchop - 21 Stars, 5 Fork
A novel SQL injection detection engine built on top of SQL tokenizing and syntax analysis.

cachey - 11 Stars, 0 Fork
Caching based on computation time and storage space

Takk - 8 Stars, 0 Fork
Speech recognition in Python made easy and flexible

serve_swagger - 5 Stars, 1 Fork
Use Swagger API JSON to create Falcon REST APIs.

erajp - 4 Stars, 1 Fork
Convert datetime to Japanese era

numibot - 2 Stars, 0 Fork
Telegram Bot

crack-it - 2 Stars, 0 Fork
A toolkit to crack hash value which works on dictionary attack..Supported most common hash algorithm.Also able to create hash and crack salted hash.