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Issue - 40

Worthy Read

Fourth year of PyCon China. Organized by CPyUG/GDG/TopGeek, PyCon China will be held simultaneously in Shanghai/Beijing/Zhuhai/Suzhou/Hangzhou this year! For our Chinese readers worldwide please checkout the Chinese translation of ImportPython Newsletter here

In this guide, we will demonstrate how to install and configure some components on Ubuntu 14.04 to support and serve Django applications.

I’ve talked about before, the lack of open and labeled datasets is a huge obstacle to developing machine learning models to solve security problems. Here was an opportunity to work with an already prepared large labeled dataset of malware samples.

UnQLite is a serverless JSON document store built on a fast key/value database. About a year ago, I blogged about some Python bindings I wrote for the embedded NoSQL document store UnQLite. One year later I'm happy to announce that I've rewritten the library using Cython and operations are, in most cases, an order of magnitude faster.

This is a first in a series of blog posts covering the use of Python for quantitative research. In this post, we take a look at IPython Notebooks: a really handy tool for structuring calculations in a document-like fashion.

uWSGI is one of those interesting projects that keeps adding features with every new release without becoming totally bloated, slow, and/or unstable. In this post, we'll look at some of its lesser used features and how you might use them to simplify your Python web service.

Last year I wrote a blog post examining trends in Seattle bicycling and how they relate to weather, daylight, day of the week, and other factors. Here I want to revisit the same data from a different perspective. In other words, where the previous post examined the data using a supervised machine learning approach for data modeling, this post will examine the data using an unsupervised learning approach for data exploration.
machine learning

Must watch.

We need to be doing Django development in Python 3. Unfortunately, we have a lot of projects still in Python 2.7 so switching between the 2 versions can be frustrating. Fortunately pyenv takes the guess work out of switching, and makes it super simple.

This Apache Spark tutorial will guide you step-by-step into how to use the MovieLens dataset to build a movie recommender using collaborative filtering with Spark’s Alternating Least Saqures implementation. It is organised in two parts. The first one is about getting and parsing movies and ratings data into Spark RDDs. The second is about building and using the recommender and persisting it for later use in our on-line recommender system.
machine learning

As always Agiliq brings detailed good articles on Django. Here is one on middleware. I assume you have read official Django docs on middleware. I will elaborate on things mentioned in the documentation but I assume you are familiar with basics of middleware.

I gave a talk at Python Ireland about using Mesos, Django, Aurora and CircleCI together for deployment bliss. These are some of my notes.

As noted the other day, I’ve spent the last little while working to freshen up various bits of open-source code I maintain, in order to make sure all of them have at least one recent release. Along the way I’ve picked up a few little tips and tricks. Today I’d like to dive into two in particular that are relevant for people who write and distribute Django applications.


rockstar - 1558 Stars, 96 Fork
Makes you a Rockstar C++ Programmer in 2 minutes. Well this has nothing to do with Python and is quite funny though. Have a read.

tushe - 36 Stars, 9 Fork
A web based image hosting, viewing and sharing service build on top of Flask.

DQN-chainer - 36 Stars, 3 Fork
This software is a python implementation of Deep Q-Networks for playing ATARI games with Chainer package.

pyside2 - 23 Stars, 0 Fork
pyside repo on github

django-sabot - 20 Stars, 0 Fork
Provoke predictable errors in your Django projects.

SpeechBot - 15 Stars, 1 Fork
A Text-to-Speech Python Telegram bot

Elemental - 8 Stars, 1 Fork
A drag and drop block-based coding environment for front-end web technologies.

PyPhantom - 8 Stars, 1 Fork
Basic API for PhantomJS

reddit_authorship - 5 Stars, 4 Fork
An analysis to detect authors with multiple accounts in comments from the /r/Bitcoin subreddit. See for the full report

textcom - 5 Stars, 2 Fork
A Text-Based Roguelike in Python, based on XCOM: Enemy Unknown