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Issue - 38

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Morepath is a Python web micro framework with some very interesting capabilities. What we'll look at today is what you can do with Morepath's link generation in a server-driven web application. While Morepath is an excellent fit to create REST APIs, it also works well server applications. So let's look at how Morepath can help you to create a batching UI.
web framework

Often, virtualenv is overkill for the basic task of installing project dependencies and keeping them isolated. We present a simple alternative.

I have seen a few questions of late being posed about how to setup Apache to proxy to a Python web application running in a Docker container. The questions seem to be the result of people who have in the past previously run Apache/mod_wsgi on the host, with potentially multiple Python web applications, now making use of Docker to break out the individual web applications into separate containers.

I recently recorded the next episode of Python 101. This one is on Exception Handling. I hope you like it.
core python

David MacIver will be discussing testing Django applications using Hypothesis.

It is a growing problem with Linux distributions that many packages they ship quickly become out of date, and due to the policies of how the Linux distributions are managed, the packages do not get updates. The only hope for getting a newer version of a package is to wait for the next version of the Linux distribution and hope that they include the version of the package you do want.
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Iulia is a full-stack web developer and open-source enthusiast. She’s been working with Python for the last three years (and loving every minute of it), but before that she tried a series of other languages and technologies, including C/C++, C#, PHP and Java. Iulia currently work as a web developer for the Romanian company Eau de Web (, based in Bucharest.

As per our documentation, the simple_tag decorator used for creating custom template tags does not run auto-escaping on its contents (up to and including Django 1.8). The team has noticed, however, that this makes it very easy to introduce XSS vulnerabilities when using simple_tag, and we have found examples of vulnerable code in the wild.

Discussion on reddit. Worth reading and participating in.
core python

pylint-flask is Pylint plugin for improving code analysis when editing code using Flask. Inspired by pylint-django.

EuroPython is organized and run by volunteers from the Python community, but we’re only a few and we will need more help to make the conference run smoothly.

Descriptors, introduced in Python 2.2, provide a way to add managed attributes to objects. They are not used much in everyday programming, but it’s important to learn them to understand a lot of the “magic” that happens in the standard library and third-party packages.
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cnn-vis - 180 Stars, 18 Fork
Inspired by Google's recent Inceptionism blog post, cnn-vis is an open-source tool that lets you use convolutional neural networks to generate images.

autosub - 72 Stars, 4 Fork
Auto-generated subtitles for any video file

cli-github - 71 Stars, 9 Fork
Github within the CLI :computer:

ascii_py - 20 Stars, 0 Fork
Make some ascii arts

django-rest-framework-braces - 13 Stars, 0 Fork
Collection of utilities for working with django rest framework (DRF)

geog - 10 Stars, 0 Fork
Quick and easy geographical functions in Python

scli - 7 Stars, 0 Fork
A selectable, scrollable list interface for terminal applications built using curses

Stock_advisor - 3 Stars, 0 Fork
This program uses the Yahoo_finance api for python to get basic stock info for a company the user inputs, and then looks at how the company's stock has been doing to give the user advice on whether they should buy some of that company or not.