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Issue - 36

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CheckiO is game for coders (python included). It helps improve code with the help of their community. CheckiO is been there for couple of years and they are about to launch something new.

Most people in the Django world probably use pip to install everything. The company were I work we use buildout instead. So What's buildout ?

At (and since) PyCon 2015, there has been interest in trying to get quantified numbers in relation to Python 3 adoption (see PyPI download numbers and uptake in the astronomy community). One number I am personally interested in is per-project adoption of Python 3. While the Python 3 Wall of Superpowers shows wide support for Python 3 with the top projects by download, I wanted to take a larger look at PyPI as a whole to measure project adoption.

Podcast with Fernando Perez and Brian Granger, core developers of IPython/Project Jupyter

Python Data Science - Seattle - Bellevue Matthew Sundquist, the Co-Founder and COO of Plot.y is coming to town, so we asked him to bring us up to speed on the latest with Python and visualization.

Pandas introduction talk I gave at Pydata Paris 2015.You can see the content on nbviewer: notebook (or as slides).

Book on Computational Statistics. Integrated with iPython notebook.

This tutorial will guide you through a typical day in the life of a Data Scientist who needs to obtain, clean, augment and visualize a geospatial dataset. Our tools will be Python, the BeautifulSoup, pandas and Nominatim libraries and also the open source mapping software QGIS which is widely used in GIS organisations.

The objective of the benchmark is not testing deployment (like uwsgi vs gunicorn and etc) but instead test the frameworks itself.

Chartkick is an application, a library for making JavaScript based charts. There is JavaScript library, Ruby wrapper and Python wrapper for Django and Flask. Let see what Chartkick can offer us in Django applications.

As many of you know, the use of Python in education has grown tremendously in the past several years (see PSF Newsblog). ThePython community celebrates this trend, and continues to strengthen our connections to the world of education.

This gem was posted in the ijson issue tracker after some discussion on #pypy, and Dav1dde kindly allowed us to repost it here:

Sara is a Python and mainframe developer at the University of Texas at Austin. Although she’s found a home in the field of higher education administration, she’s still a librarian at heart. You can find her on twitter @saradgore.

Examining one of Django's key abstractions and how it could be updated for a more modern age. While I love Django dearly, and I think the rate of progress we keep on the project draws a fine balance between progress and backwards-compatibility, sometimes I look ahead to the evolving Web and wonder what we can do to adapt to some more major changes.


While the Django Software Foundation (DSF) has passed a Community Code of Conduct that indirectly establishes that we consider diversity to be a desirable goal, and the DSF has funded many activities that promote diversity, we've never made a clear public statement that we consider diversity a desirable goal. We'd like to address that.

I finished up another Episode of Python 101. This one is about Pythons comprehension constructs. In this video, I cover list, dict and set comprehensions.

An object-relational mapper (ORM) is a code library that automates the transfer of data stored in relational databases tables into objects that are more commonly used in application code.

So as you may know, Django is turning 10 years old this summer and we’re throwing it a birthday party. It’s a one day tech conference and one day of sprints mere feet from where Adrian, Simon, Jacob, and Wilson toiled away on “the CMS”, as it was called then. That code became the first of a few amazing refreshes of and the very first Django website.

Almost all Django code examples will lead you down a path of poor code organisation. If your project becomes long-lived, the code organisation learned from Django examples will create non-trivial obstacles. This article will present a rarely seen, alternative code organisation strategy that can save you a lot of headaches down the road.


gradify - 917 Stars, 33 Fork
CSS gradient placeholders

baldr - 169 Stars, 10 Fork
A flight simulator for quadrotor drones written entirely in Python.

pytest - 105 Stars, 14 Fork
The pytest testing tool makes it easy to write small tests, yet scales to support complex functional testing

disrupt - 84 Stars, 4 Fork
A python "tool" for "interacting" with the terminals of "friends" and "colleagues".

levenshtein - 33 Stars, 2 Fork
A simple proof of concept levenshtein automaton in Python

pronouncingpy - 18 Stars, 2 Fork
A simple interface for the CMU pronouncing dictionary

Flask-Transfer - 18 Stars, 1 Fork
Tired of validating and manipulating uploaded files manually? Try this instead.

slack-notebot - 13 Stars, 3 Fork
A meeting notes taking bot for Slack

summarize - 8 Stars, 2 Fork
Quick python-based implementation of Flipboard's summarization algorithm

Fun-Interview-Challenges - 6 Stars, 1 Fork
Collection of few programming challenges

django-foundation5 - 5 Stars, 1 Fork
A simple Django app to use Foundation5 forms.

go - 1 Stars, 0 Fork
Python utility to search Google from the Linux command line