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Issue - 35

Worthy Read

Discussion on reddit on Flask vs Django for RESTful API. Worthy read to learn about the pros and cons of each.

Paul Hallett considers himself an “API fanatic”. He works for lyst, a website for buying clothes. They had an existing API, json-rpc, and wanted to have a better API that fitted better with http.

The most notable brand-new feature in this build is the Python Profiler Integration which is available right away from the toolbar or Run | Profile.

Magnetic's real-time bidding system, written in pure Python, needs to keep up with a tremendous volume of incoming requests. On an ordinary weekday, our application handles about 300,000 requests per second at peak volumes, and responds in under 10 milliseconds.
core python

Mark Hammond. Mark's efforts in supporting the Microsoft platform have been so influential that the CPython Windows installer contained a message thanking him in several versions in the 2.x series of releases.

Unlike every other programming language I've used before, Python does not have a switch or case statement. To get around this fact, we use dictionary mapping.

k-means clustering is a popular technique for identifying groups of related items in an unlabeled data set. Given any number k, the algorithm will divide a dataset into k groups such that each item’s distance from the center of its group is minimised.
machine learning

In my last blog post I showed how a WSGI middleware could be used to monitor aspects of a web request and push metric data out to statsd for collation and eventual visualisation. A better approach would be for such monitoring to be implemented down in the WSGI server itself. This is because by being implemented in the WSGI server, one can avoid the need to setup the WSGI middleware as well as the overhead of the function wrappers required by the WSGI middleware.

This week we welcome Stephan Deibel as our PyDev of the Week. He is one of the co-founders of Wingware, the makers behind the popular Python IDE, Wing.

Pygal is a python SVG graph plotting library that is similar to D3.js . Even though it is not as powerful as D3.js ,it can deliver beautiful charts driven by API’s behind them. Today we are going to see how to create beautiful charts for any dashboard using a library called Pygal. Here we use flask to see the beautiful dashbaord like gecko board. I assume you have some knowledge of Flask web framework.


chainer - 259 Stars, 25 Fork
A flexible framework of neural networks

drf-chaos - 40 Stars, 0 Fork
drf-chaos is a collection of custom decorators for testing Django Rest Framework API under unexpected circumstances

WWDCVideosDownloadURLCrawler - 33 Stars, 1 Fork
a WWDC 2015 session video's download url crawler

py-googletrans - 16 Stars, 0 Fork
Free Unofficial Google Translate API for Python. Translates totally free of charge.

congratsbot - 16 Stars, 0 Fork
A Twitter bot with the mission of congratulating those being congratulated

Accompanying source codes for my book 'Mastering Python for Finance'.

django-password-validation - 12 Stars, 2 Fork
Backport of Django 1.9's password validation system for use with earlier Django versions.

rcontrol - 10 Stars, 0 Fork
python API to execute asynchronous remote tasks with ssh

gity - 9 Stars, 0 Fork
The Git magician for Python

django-maintenance-mode - 9 Stars, 0 Fork
django-maintenance-mode shows a 503 error page when maintenance-mode is on.

devrank - 8 Stars, 0 Fork
The DeveloperRank is analysis project developer's rank on Github. We are inspired by the PageRank.

wakadump - 6 Stars, 0 Fork
Command line tool for converting WakaTime data dump files into various formats.

DjangoConEuropeTranscripts - 5 Stars, 4 Fork
Proceedings from DjangoCon Europe 2015

mojo - 5 Stars, 0 Fork
Get notified by email when new positions of interest open at Mozilla

HiveOpener - 5 Stars, 1 Fork
A Sublime Text 3 plugin to quickly open file/directory

XKCD-Archiver - 3 Stars, 0 Fork
Automatically scrapes for every xkcd, ever.

django-restapi - 3 Stars, 0 Fork
Restful API for django