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Worthy Read

Rlite is to Redis what SQLite is to Postgresql. What this means is that Rlite provides virtually all the same functionality of Redis in a serverless, zero-config library you embed as part of your application.

A Django-powered UI for python scripts. Pretty useful check it out.
core python

This tutorial covers the most fundamental and essential procedures for creating a Python project, applying version control during the development, packaging the code, distributing it over code-sharing repositories, and installing the package via cloning the source code.
core python

We're excited about the opportunities wheels provide without adding additional layers of software on our servers. It's inspiring to see the massive improvements being made to Python's packaging system over the last few years while still maintaining backwards compatibility with legacy packages. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next.

Caching in MYSQL. Not convinced, well read this.

We are currently seeking proposals for talks for this event. Visit the PyCon JP 2015 Call for Proposals page for more information. Submission deadline is 15th July.

Ryan Kelly's talk I learned that it is actually possible, today, to run Python in a web browser (not something that interprets Python-like syntax and translates it into JavaScript, but an actual Python interpreter!). PyPy.js combines two technologies, PyPy (the Python interpreter written in Python) and Emscripten (an LLVM-to-JavaScript converter, typically used for getting games running in the browser), to run PyPy in the browser.

Now that Rust 1.0 is out and quite stable, I thought it might be interesting to write an introduction to Rust for Python programmers. This guide goes over the basics of the language and compares different constructs and how they behave.

For the lazy people out there who want to auto format their code :)

In a production setting, or even just a testing or QA environment, we need to get the raw information we are collecting for all the WSGI application traffic out into a separate system of some sort where it can be analysed and visualised.

The aim for this tutorial is to build a simple TODO web application using Flask microframework, SQLalchemy,PostgreSQL 9.3 and Vertabelo and finally to deploy our existing app to the Heroku cloud. Please, don’t treat this application as a final product for production. The main purpose is to show the process of developing a web app in Python.

The problem Django is great but it’s frontend toolchain is stuck in the past. I doubt if something like GWT is the answer ?. Worthy read thou.

Write faster Python by knowing where your application spends its time, and what operations are slowing you down.

With Django 1.7 we got built in migrations and a management command to squash a set of existing migrations into one optimized migration - for faster test database building and to remove some legacy code/history. Squashing works, but it still has some rough edges and requires some manual work to get the best of a squashed migration. Here are few tips for squashing and optimizing squashed migrations.

Here’s an incomplete list of Python and django related projects that I have used or I’m planning to test. This might help someone starting out to get an idea of how awesome is to work with this technologies.

Podcast from podcastinit


HTTPLang - 233 Stars, 15 Fork
A scripting langauge to do HTTP routines.

kindle-highlight-scraper - 43 Stars, 7 Fork
Script to programmatically download all Kindle highlights and notes and format them as JSON

colorblocks - 25 Stars, 2 Fork
a script that outputs randomly colored and sized blocks.

DiscoverHiddenSSID - 19 Stars, 13 Fork
this project is targetting that Discover the Hidden SSID.

killallbtn - 15 Stars, 3 Fork
A real BIG RED button to kill all your data & host in seconds in case of emergency.

drf-tracking - 15 Stars, 0 Fork
Utils to track requests to Django Rest Framework API views

CollaborativeFiltering - 10 Stars, 9 Fork
Implementation of Collabrative Filtering way of recommendation engine . A toy example. - 4 Stars, 0 Fork
Recurrent donations platform

penrose - 2 Stars, 0 Fork
A Python package for generating Penrose tilings.