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Issue - 33

Worthy Read

PyCharm 4.5 unites even more tools and features for productive Python, Django and Web development that work together smoothly to offer you a unique coding experience.

In a few words PyCon Sweden 2015 was awesome. Honestly, this was my first Python conference ever but I really hope it won't be the last. Outside the awesome talks and great organisation it was really nice to spend some time with similar minded people and talk about technology, the universe and everything else.

This blog post covers how to use the new PostgreSQL-specific ModelFields introduced in Django 1.8 – the ArrayField, HStoreField, and Range Fields.

Several readers asked how this integration can be done when using a large Flask application organized around the application factory pattern. It is non-trivial to make Celery, which does not have a dedicated Flask extension, delay access to the application until the factory function is invoked.

DjangoCon Europe 2015 is just a few short weeks away - but we need to start planning for next year! Each DjangoCon Europe event is run by a different volunteer organizing committee.

In this notebook we introduce Survival Analysis using both R and Python. We will compare programming languages and leverage Plotly's Python and R APIs to convert graphics to interactive Plotly objects.

Australia is making text-based computer programming a core requirement for high school students? Grok Learning is building the platform to make teaching it to kids a joy for teachers and students. Our guest, Dr. James Curran is a key player in both of these projects.

Founder of Lincoln Loop, Peter Baumgartner (@ipmb), talks about their stack and shares his 3 top tips for optimising Django applications. Filmed at Pycon in Montreal.

I have lived in 4 countries on 3 continents (so far). When people ask me about these places, the first thing that comes to my mind is the weather. Having lived in these places I knew roughly how they compared but was curious about the exact numbers. What better way than to visualize data than a ipython notebook!

pycparser has become fairly popular in the past couple of years (especially following its usage in cffi). This means I get more questions by email, which leads me to getting tired of answering the same questions. So this blog post is a one-stop shop for the (by far) most frequently asked question about pycparser - how to handle headers that your code #includes.
core python

This hack runs a command sequentially on a list of files using two simultaneous threads. If one of the commands takes more than a set time, it's killed and the program goes for the next file. EDITED to add some exception handling.
core python

It is already possible to create coroutines for asynchronous processing in Python. But a recent proposal would elevate coroutines to a full-fledged language construct, rather than treat them as a type of generator as they are currently. Two new keywords, async and await, would be added to the language to support coroutines as first-class Python features.
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This week we welcome Vasudev Ram (@vasudevram) as our PyDev of the Week. Vasudev is a freelance developer who blogs on lots of different software topics, including Python. He is the creator of xtopdf.


slack-overflow - 342 Stars, 12 Fork
A programmer's best friend, now in Slack.

dnsdiff - 199 Stars, 6 Fork
Utility to diff the responses between two nameservers

pynab - 32 Stars, 0 Fork
A minimalistic library designed to provide native access to YNAB data from Python

marker - 19 Stars, 1 Fork
Bookmark your terminal commands.

wepy - 16 Stars, 4 Fork
wepy is a weather client for the terminal.

hn - 11 Stars, 1 Fork
read HN from the command line

simplesam - 11 Stars, 0 Fork
Simple pure Python SAM parser and objects for working with SAM records

Code for the ACL-2015 paper "Accurate Linear-Time Chinese Word Segmentation via Embedding Matching"

badactors - 9 Stars, 2 Fork
Create a list of bad actors from public IP blacklist.

oi - 8 Stars, 0 Fork
python library for writing long running processes with a cli interface