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Issue - 31

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Django and Flask are two well known Python web frameworks. There are lot of benchmarks claim Flask is 2x faster for simple JSON Response, one such is Techempower. After looking into the source, it struck me Django can do better!

I'm not going to go into detail on how Docker and Docker Compose (formerly known as Fig) work as the Docker website already covers these. But I will explain how I set this up for an open-source Django app I've built, YouTube Audio Downloader, so you can try it out as well.

Below are four simple things you can do to quickly and easily improve the performance of your sites. They’re so simple you should make them part of your standard setup.

Nose makes Testing with Python wonderful. It basically extends the Unittest and provides features such as running only failed test, skip Test cases, running test based on priorities, REGEX pattern that makes Tester’s life easy

PyCon India, the premier conference in India on using and developing the Python programming language is conducted annually by the Python developer community. It attracts the best Python programmers across the country and abroad.

On behalf of the Jython development team, I'm pleased to announce that the final release of Jython 2.7.0 is available! It's been a long road to get to 2.7, and it's finally here.

Due to some procedural problems with the current election for the Board of the Python Software Foundation, the Foundation has taken some steps to make sure that the elections are freely open for nominations and that there are no conflicts of interest.

Early Bird Tickets On Sale. Get them before they are over.

Wingware has released version 5.1.4 of Wing IDE, our cross-platform integrated development environment for the Python programming language.Wing IDE features a professional code editor with vi, emacs, visual studio, and other key bindings, auto-completion, call tips, context-sensitive auto-editing, goto-definition, find uses, refactoring, a powerful debugger, version control, unit testing, search, project management, and many other features.
new release

I've been following Yury's efforts carefully and I am fully confident that we're doing the right thing here. There is only so much effort we can put into clarifying terminology and explaining coroutines. Somebody should write a tutorial. (I started to write one, but I ran out of time after just describing basic yield.)

A curated list of awesome Django apps, projects and resources. Inspired by and based on awesome-python.

PyPy.js is an experiment in building a fast and compliant python environment for the web. It uses the PyPy python interpreter, compiled for the web via emscripten, with a custom JIT backend that emits asm.js code at runtime.
new release

You're getting ready to start a new company. What language should you choose to build it?
core python

There are Python libraries that provide cryptography services: M2Crypto, PyCrypto, pyOpenSSL, python-nss, and Botan's Python bindings. Five criteria can be evaluated when you try to select one of them: which C backend, how well maintained, Python support, reviewed and completeness. All failed the "reviewed" category. e.g. PyCrypto (probably the most used cryptographic library for Python) don’t work on PyPy.


Easy-Card - 72 Stars, 11 Fork
Easy Card is a smart card system widely used by Taiwanese, mainly for transportation purpose. However, unlike the PASMO card in Japan or T-Money in Korea, the Easy Card was lock out from reading via normal NFC readers. In other words, you can't check your balance with an app. That'd be a big issue if you are usually in a hurry and don't have the time to go to the MRT station just for it.

Robinhood - 41 Stars, 8 Fork
Python Framework to make trades with Robinhood Private API See Blog Post:

HardenFlash - 19 Stars, 6 Fork
Patching Flash binary to stop Flash exploits and zero-days

normalizr - 13 Stars, 3 Fork
Normalizr is a Python library for text normalization that allows the next actions: Remove accents. Remove extra whitespaces. Remove hyphens. Remove punctuation. Remove stop words (from 13 different languages). Remove symbols.

pyqtconsole - 6 Stars, 0 Fork
pyqtconosle is a light weight python console for Qt applications. Its made to be easy to embed in other Qt applications and comes with some examples that shows how this can be done. The interpreter can run in a separate thread, in the UI main thread or in a gevent task. Support for asyncio might also be added in the future.

wordcloudbot - 4 Stars, 0 Fork
A systemd service that listens to fedmsg for IRC meeting logs, generates a word cloud, and tweets it to

phrack_reader - 4 Stars, 1 Fork
this is for hacker easy read phrack ezine ,welcom to figure out bug .

marvelous - 3 Stars, 0 Fork
Python bindings for Marvel Comics API

pyrthon - 2 Stars, 0 Fork
Pyrthon is a utility library that substitutes python collection literals with their Pyrsistent counterparts.

python - 2 Stars, 0 Fork
personal python bioinformatics scripts - 1 Stars, 0 Fork
GRE Word of the Day notifier for OSX .

pygments-markdown-lexer - 1 Stars, 0 Fork
A Markdown lexer for Pygments to highlight Markdown code snippets.