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Issue - 25

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Threading is just one of the many ways concurrent programs can be built. In this article, we will take a look at threading and a couple of other strategies in building concurrent programs in Python, as well as discuss how each is suitable in different scenarios.

After almost one year of development and lots of work by our volunteers and contractors, we are now live with the new Python job board system. The new system is fully integrated into the website. Job submitters can create an account on the system, log in and directly submit their job posting for approval by the PSF Job Board Team.

third part in a series of articles about data mining on Twitter. After collecting data and pre-processing some text, we are ready for some basic analysis. In this article, we’ll discuss the analysis of term frequencies to extract meaningful terms from our tweets.
machine learning

Apache Kafka is being used a fair amount these days and where I work is no exception. Kafka is getting a lot done in the highly scaled ‘Cloud’ and elsewhere. Getting a developer instance of Kafka up and running can be a little daunting for those new to it so I’ve come up with an easy way to get your development environment up and running in very little time. We will test out the single node Kafka server using Python 3 and kafka-python.

Selenium is set of tools for automating browsers. It provides a lot of options and APIs for automating user interaction with the web applications. It is used for testing web applications, web scraping and automating boring repetitive tasks.

Unofficial Python Job Board is a 100% free and community run job board. The jobs board is generated automatically from the git repository, and hosted using github pages.
job market

First, what is RapidSMS? It's an open source package of useful tools that extend the Django web development framework to support processing text messages. A framework for writing code to be invoked when a text message is received and respond to it. A set of backends - pluggable code modules that can interface to various ways of connecting your Django program to the phone network to pass text messages back and forth.

Caroline is a software developer who loves working in Python. She works as a web developer at the Centre for International Governance Innovation. She co-founded a local Python user group with a friend and fellow Python enthusiast. She loves learning new things and making fun stuff.

In doing the data analysis in my own research work, I was often slowed down by two things: 1) I did not know enough statistics, and 2) the books available would provide a theoretical background, but no real practical help. The book you are holding in your hands (or on your tablet or laptop) is intended to be the book that would have solved just this problem. It should provide enough basic understanding so you know what you are doing; and it should provide you with the tools to do so. In providing statistical solutions for the most basic statistical problem.

Nice Inforgraphics backed with data.
job market

There are numerous problems with threads in Python, but Python can work around almost all of these issues with coroutines, which let you have many seemingly simultaneous functions in your Python programs. Brett Slatkin discusses coroutines in this excerpt from Effective Python: 59 Specific Ways to Write Better Python.

You’ve learned Python the hard way. You flew through Codecademy. Now you feel unchallenged, and your interest in programming is waning. Where are the courses for those looking to excel past the beginner level? To the developing Pythonistas, here are some intermediate courses to help get you to the next level.
core python


electrum - 527 Stars, 5 Fork
Electrum; Bitcoin thin client.

AstroBuild - 368 Stars, 15 Fork
Deploy based on the planet alignments

PyTricks - 275 Stars, 27 Fork
Collection of less popular features and tricks for the Python programming language

easy_store - 20 Stars, 9 Fork
The easy store is a web2py model for e-commerce and other store platforms. This app is meant to be simple, offering the most easy ways to get a store ready to use and sell products.

quodlibet - 15 Stars, 0 Fork
An open-source music library manager / player for Linux, Windows, and OS X

gprof2dot - 14 Stars, 0 Fork
Converts profiling output to a dot graph.

webapp-checklist - 8 Stars, 0 Fork
Technical details that a programmer of a web application should consider before making the site public.