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Issue - 24

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The main difference between PyCharm’s code inspections and intentions is that while inspections provide quick-fixes for code that has potential problems, intentions help you apply automatic changes to code that is most likely correct.

The Django team is issuing multiple releases -- Django 1.7.6 and Django 1.8b2. These releases are now available on PyPI and our download page. These releases address a security issue in the Django admin. We encourage all users of Django to upgrade as soon as possible. The Django master branch has also been updated.
security release

I love IPython and Pandas, but using them to build reports requires lots of little tricks. Here I've compiled a few things that make building reports much nicer.

Now, when you hear "Python" and "documentation" in the same sentence, the first thought usually involves Sphinx or Sphinx autodoc in some form. Sphinx produces very nice looking documentation indeed. My problem is however as follows.

For the rest of March, you can get my book, Python 101 for 50% off if you use the following code: march15 Learn how to program with Python from beginning to end. My book is made primarily for beginners. However, at least two-thirds of it is aimed at intermediate programmers.

Descriptors are an esoteric but integral part of the python programming language. They are used widely in the core of the python language and a good grasp of descriptors provides a python programmer with an extra trick in his or her toolbox.
core python

Cea comes by coding through a pre-teen desire to have her own website and a fascination with Formal Logic. Her experience with academic Philosophy (especially philosophy of language and formal logic) will always influence how she looks at code. These days she’s pursuing her masters in Computer Science at UW Madison and applying her consulting-earned skills to a library resource management framework.

Introductory textbook for Kalman filters and Bayesian filters. All code is written in Python, and the book itself is written in IPython Notebook so that you can run and modify the code in the book in place, seeing the results inside the book. What better way to learn ?
machine learning

Monkey patching has its uses well beyond just patching bugs though. The two most commonly used forms of monkey patching in Python which you might not even equate with monkey patching are decorators and the use of mocking libraries to assist in performing unit testing. Another not some common case of monkey patching is to add instrumentation to existing Python code in order to add performance monitoring capabilities.
core python

A few months ago I started to play with Fabric and the result was a simple script that automates the creation of a new Django project. In the last months I continued my experiments and extended the script to a full stack for creation and deployment of Django projects.


reverse - 172 Stars, 17 Fork
Reverse engineering for x86 binaries (elf-format). Generate a more readable code (pseudo-C) with colored syntax. Warning, the project is still in development, use it at your own risks. This tool try to disassemble one function (by default main). The address of the function, or its symbol, can be passed by argument.

httpswatch - 67 Stars, 21 Fork
This is the HTTPSWatch project, a website that tracks the HTTPS support of prominent websites.

Nscan - 60 Stars, 16 Fork
Nscan is a fast Network scanner optimized for internet-wide scanning purposes and inspired by Masscan and Zmap. It has it's own tiny TCP/IP stack and uses Raw sockets to send TCP SYN probes. It doesn't need to set SYN Cookies so it doesn't wastes time checking if a received packet is a result of it's own scan, that makes Nscan faster than other similar scanners.

white - 43 Stars, 2 Fork
White is a blog cms. it's based Anchor-cms that a blog cms. The White project keeps the most of achor-cms features, but is written in python.

slouch - 22 Stars, 0 Fork
A lightweight Python framework for building cli-inspired Slack bots.

gj2ascii - 17 Stars, 1 Fork
Render GeoJSON as ASCII on the command line.