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Issue - 18

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It is a sequential chain of all activities done by the users in a website.Like Twitter showing our own feeds ,listing activities of developers on Gitlab dashboard or showing activities of connections on LinkedIn.Whatever you may call it,It is an activity stream of a user. This article talks about how to implement activity streams in Django.

Recording of Google Hangout on Thursday 1/22 at 2PM PT discussing Python performance profiling. Speaker has done a fair amount of profiling over the last few years. QA at the end of the hangout.
core python

Python functions are either named or anonymous set of statements or expressions. In python, functions are first class objects. This means that there is no restriction on the usage of functions. Python functions can be used just like any other python value such as strings and numbers.
core python

Unlike in past release cycles where we permitted new features up until beta , this alpha milestone marks a complete feature freeze . Thus , this alpha should be much closer to the final release than in past release cycles .
new release

I'll start with a quiz. What does this function do? def foo(lst): a = 0 for i in lst: a += i b = 1 for t in lst: b *= i return a, b If you think "computes the sum and product of...
core python

A long experiment has come to fruition: support for Django templates. I've added plugin support to, and implemented a plugin for Django templates.
django templates

Justification on Why Javascript could make for a good Teaching Language ?. Also talks about Python's shortcomings as a teaching language.
core python

pypath-magic provides a simple interface for adding modules and packages to your Python path.

In the python world, there are multiple options for visualizing your data. Because of this variety, it can be really challenging to figure out which one to use when. This article contains a sample of some of the more popular ones and illustrates how to use them to create a simple bar chart.

Derrick help administer several Python groups where I field countless questions each day. In this post I’ll answer the question I hear the most, “How do I get started with Python?”. He teamed up with Michael Herman from the Real Python team and they wrote this article for answer just this question.
core python

We're going to build a single module Numba-like compiler for Python. It won't be nearly as featureful or complete, but should demonstrate how you can go about building your own little LLVM specializer for a subset of Python or your own custom DSL expression compiler; and integrating it with the standard NumPy/SciPy stack for whatever scientific computing domain you work.

ImportPython Weekly Korean Version/Translation brought to you by Ayun Park, of Seoul ( South Korea ). If you are from korea you should subscribe to his blog.

An end-to-end example using Amazon’s Elastic Beanstalk and RDS.


httpscreenshot - 18 Stars, 7 Fork
HTTPScreenshot is a tool for grabbing screenshots and HTML of large numbers of websites. The goal is for it to be both thorough and fast which can sometimes oppose each other.

feedr - 13 Stars, 1 Fork
An RSS feed bot that posts content on the Twitter platform

freesms - 12 Stars, 1 Fork
Send SMS to yourself through Free Mobile SMS API

prettytable-mirror - 11 Stars, 2 Fork
A mirror of the prettytable repo (on Google Code)

An easy tutorial for Jumpstarting the activity streams using Django for creating Website Dashboards.

jonahnator - 4 Stars, 0 Fork
The Jonah Peretti Quote Generator.

flask-alchemy - 3 Stars, 1 Fork
Flask-Alchemy is designed to work with SQLAlchemy default declarative_base, with powerful master-slave and seprated databases support.