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This blog series from Sheroy Marker cover the principles of CD of microservices. Get a practical guide on designing CD workflows for microservices, testing strategies, trunk based development, feature toggles and environment plans.

Python 3.7.0 is the newest major release of the Python language, and it contains many new features and optimizations.

Python 3 adoption has clearly picked up over the last few years, though there is still a long way to go. Big Python-using companies tend to have a whole lot of Python 2.7 code running on their infrastructure and Facebook is no exception. But Jason Fried came to PyCon 2018 to describe what has happened at the company over the last four years or so—it has gone from using almost no Python 3 to it becoming the dominant version of Python in the company. He was instrumental in helping to make that happen and his talk [YouTube video] may provide other organizations with some ideas on how to tackle their migration.

In this post, we demonstrate how to build a tool that can return similar sentences from a corpus for a given input sentence. We leverage the powerful Universal Sentence Encoder (USE) and stitch it with a fast indexing library (Annoy Indexing) to build our system.

Learn how to use Kafka Python to pull Google Analytics metrics and push them to your Kafka Topic.  This will allow us to analyze this data later using Spark to give us meaningful business data.

I love space. It’s mysterious, intriguing, deadly, and quite literally limitless. But, when I was studying astronomy at the University of Colorado, I watched some of my colleagues’ fascination with space transform tragically into a sense of boredom and monotony. How could this happen?
image processing

This is the algorithm deepmind used when learning to play atari games.
deep learning

PubMed is the most important and influential database of medical publications, and a goldmine of research. However, querying the database through code was difficult and not very efficient. The new library provides a Pythonic (typical Python) interface to query the database, it batches queries and pre-formats and cleans the results. PyMed provides access to titles, authors, keywords, abstracts and other meta-data associated with an article. Full-text is not (yet) supported.
new release

We are excited to announce the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) Software Development Kit (SDK) for Python (beta). The SDK includes the same features available in our Java and Node.js SDKs, and allows you to reduce the amount of boilerplate code you have to write to process Alexa responses and requests. If you code using Python, you can use the SDK to quickly build and deliver voice experiences using Alexa and the extensive Python support libraries and tools.

For an upcoming project, I need to extract level data from the classic 1985 video game Super Mario Bros (SMB). More precisely, I want to extract the background imagery for each stage of the game, excluding HUD elements and moving sprites, etc. Of course, I could just stitch together images from the game, and perhaps automate this process with computer vision techniques. But I think the method described below is more interesting, and allows for inspection of elements of the level perhaps not exposed through screenshots. In this first stage of the project, we will explore 6502 assembly and an emulator written in Python.

Playing with experimental and an old recipe created by Brian Beck.

Have you ever wondered what happens when you activate a virtual environment and how it works internally? Here is a quick overview of internals behind popular virtual environments, e.g., virtualenv, virtualenvwrapper, conda, pipenv. Initially, Python didn't have built-in support for virtual environments, and such feature was implemented as a hack. As it turns out, this hack is based on a simple concept.




Mani is a distribued cron like scheduler. It uses redis to acquire lock on jobs (ensuring a job runs on one node only) and determining when to run the job next.


noisy - 95 Stars, 4 Fork
Simple random DNS, HTTP/S internet traffic noise generator

hnatt - 43 Stars, 0 Fork
Train and visualize Hierarchical Attention Networks

git-treesame-commit - 35 Stars, 0 Fork
Create new Git commits that match the file tree of any arbitrary commit.

upbitpy - 16 Stars, 3 Fork
Upbit API for Python3

tuna - 16 Stars, 0 Fork
Python profile viewer

ansible-jupyter-kernel - 13 Stars, 2 Fork
Jupyter Notebook Kernel for running Ansible Tasks and Playbooks

DjangoChannelsGraphqlWs - 11 Stars, 0 Fork
Django Channels based WebSocket GraphQL server with Graphene-like subscriptions

aiohttp_request - 10 Stars, 0 Fork
Global request for aiohttp server

PythonCompiler - 9 Stars, 0 Fork
Code used on "Writing your own programming language and compiler with Python" post