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This blog post is first in a series describing the Great Khan Academy Python Refactor of 2017 And Also 2018. In this post, I'll explain where our codebase went wrong, what we wanted to do to fix it, and why it was so difficult. It will include tips and code that others can use to avoid some of this difficulty themselves. The second post will describe Slicker, a tool we wrote which formed the backbone of our refactoring effort. The third post will describe how we used this refactoring as an opportunity to reduce inter-file dependencies within our codebase, and how that benefited us.

GoCD now integrates natively with Kubernetes! GoCD's pipeline capability along with Kubernetes' highly programmable platform provide you the premiere Continuous Delivery tool on modern infrastructure.

There are different ways of creating choropleth maps in Python. In a previous notebook, I showed how you can use the Basemap library to accomplish this. More than 2 years have passed since publication and the available tools have evolved a lot. In this notebook I use the GeoPandas library to create a choropleth map. As you'll see the code is more concise and easier to follow along.

Class Based Views (CBV) is one of my favourite things about Django. During my first Django projects (using Django 1.4 around 6 years ago) I was mainly using functional views — that’s what the tutorial recommended then anyway. However, slowly in my next projects I started reducing the amount of functional views and embracing CBVs, slowly understanding their usage and usefulness. Right now, I more or less only use CBVs for my views; even if sometimes it seems more work to use a CBV instead of a functional one I know that sometime in the future I’d be glad that I did it since I’ll want to re-use some view functionality and CBVs are more or less the only way to have DRY views in Django.

An opensource DIY self driving platform for small scale cars. RC CAR + Raspberry Pi + Python (tornado, keras, tensorflow, opencv,.
self driving

Monitor and Identify, 24x7, slow or failing production Java Method, using Germain APM.

A book to bring the joy of programming to creative people. With step by step instructions for beginners and tiny programs, fundamental programming concepts are introduced in bite sized sketches. In later chapters, these program sketches become powerful drawing programs, capable of generating new images for 3D printing, CNC, and more.

A Refresher.

Hacker news discussion.

Twitter is a good ressource to collect data. We can find a few libraries (R or Python) which allow you to build your own dataset with the data generated by Twitter. This tutorial is focus on the preparation of the data and no on the collect. Throughout this analysis we are going to see how to work with the twitter’s data.

A best practice when creating Docker containers is keeping the image size to a minimum. The fewer bytes you have to shunt over the network or store on disk, the better. Keeping the size down generally means it is faster to build and deploy your container.

Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool. All of the members of your team can see everything from which sources your web traffic comes from to what demographics frequent your site. There’s just one problem, Nobody is willing to go to the Google Analytics site and look. If these features aren’t used they may as well not exist. So, to give teammates easier access you can make a custom Slackbot to display Google Analytics.

When looking for a new backend language, I naturally went from Python to the new cool kid: Go. But after only one week of Go, I realised that Go was only half of a progress. Better suited to my needs than Python, but too far away from the developer experience I was enjoying when doing Elm in the frontend. So I gave Rust a try.


Bangalore, Karnataka, India
CallHub is the next generation SaaS based Marketing Platform leveraging Cloud Telephony. We have customers round the globe who love the value our product delivers and constantly push us to do more. We are looking for core members with backend experience to join our coveted Engineering team at Bangalore.

Bozeman, MT, USA
Resonon Inc. is seeking a full-time software engineer. Duties: Develop, improve, and maintain full stack Linux applications for industrial and airborne real-time machine vision, including data acquisition, user interfaces, data analysis, and hardware control Improve and maintain MS Windows desktop applications for hyperspectral data collection, visualization, and analysis


Fast-Pandas - 443 Stars, 16 Fork
Benchmark for different operations in pandas against various dataframe sizes.

AI-ipcam - 89 Stars, 11 Fork
Enhancing ordinary IP cameras with AI, MQTT.

Attention-on-Attention-for-VQA - 35 Stars, 5 Fork
Visual Question Answering Project with state of the art single Model performance.

zadm4py - 28 Stars, 0 Fork
Zed's Awesome Debug Macros for Python.

etudier - 23 Stars, 0 Fork
Extract a citation network from Google Scholar

ProxyDock - 17 Stars, 4 Fork
ProxyDock is a Dockerfile and Bash script that converts your OpenVPN files into local proxies.

PyTunes - 10 Stars, 0 Fork
A lightweight music player made in Python. Keep track of commits at Coding repo

contextvars - 7 Stars, 0 Fork
PEP 567 Backport

MiBand2 - 5 Stars, 1 Fork
Library to work with Xiaomi MiBand 2