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Ana is a Software Engineer at Red Hat, @OpenStack Horizon core contributor, cyclist and speed cuber. She was a coach at the first Django Girls workshop in Berlin. You can follow her on Twitter @infraredgirl. So I started looking into Django in my free time , and although I didnt get to use it at work at the time , I did get that chance at my next job . Both of these project are written in Django .

Falcon follows the REST architectural style, meaning (among other things) that you think in terms of resources and state transitions, which map to HTTP verbs.
web framework

In this post I’m doing some simple data analytics of job market for python programmes. I will be using Python Pandas

Front-end tools like Grunt and Gulp are becoming very widespread, and there’s good reason for it. The front-end code is no longer static, CSS pre-processors are the norm, and JavaScript modules such as Require, Browserify or even coffeescript are also becoming more common as well. At Lincoln Loop, we use Gulp as our task runner and here is our integration with Django.
frontend development

How to set up ElasticSearch which is accessible over the internet using Self-signed SSL certificate.

As the first week of the New Year 2015 is almost gone , PyCharm team is excited to present the first PyCharm update of this year PyCharm 4.0.4 build 139.1001 . This update contains a lot of improvements: IPython Notebook integration, the debugger, the embedded local terminal, Git and Subversion support, resolve of class references, Lettuce support, CSS support – all this have got our attention.

What's important about the Python Challenge is that it's not specifically about Python. Any programming language would do. Although I suspect that folks who don't know Python will have a difficult time with some of the puzzles. I found that having Pillow was essential for problems 7 and 11. I'm sure there are packages as powerful as PIL/Pillow for other languages.
core python

virtualenvwrapper is a set of extensions to virtualenv. The extensions include wrappers for creating and deleting virtual environments and otherwise managing your development workflow, making it easier to work on more than one project at a time without introducing conflicts in their dependencies.

I sometimes found myself asking myself how I cannot know simpler way of doing “this” thing in Python 3. When I seek solution, I of course find much more elegant, efficient and more bug-free code parts over time. In total(not just this post), the total sum of “those” things were far more than I expect/admit, but here is the first crop of features that was not obvious to me and learned later as I sought more efficient/simple/maintainable code.
core python

PyCon 2015's schedule is available! The tutorial schedule has been available for several weeks now, and we made poster selections a while back as well, but we've completed the biggest part: scheduling 95 talks across three days in five rooms.


sphinx - 29 Stars, 5 Fork
This is the Sphinx documentation generator, see

markovify - 21 Stars, 0 Fork
Markovify is a simple, extensible Markov chain generator. Right now, its main use is for building Markov models of large corpuses of text, and generating random sentences from that. But, in theory, it could be used for other applications.

3102 - 11 Stars, 6 Fork
A domain/ip fuzzing tool for vulnerability mining.

django-api-tools - 9 Stars, 0 Fork
Django API Tools is an add-on which allows developers to run RESTful APIs alongside websites using Forms/Templates.

edify - 5 Stars, 0 Fork
This script stores and displays custom cli arguments with respective short descriptions, useful for OS X sysadmins.

mysql-python-class - 5 Stars, 2 Fork
Python MySQL class helps the python developers to connect with MySQL and then made the useful queries like: SELECT (one and more conditions), INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE.

immut - 4 Stars, 0 Fork
An immutable container library for python.

homeimages - 4 Stars, 1 Fork
Get all photos and videos sync-ed. Two scripts to sync photos and videos from external SDs.

k - 2 Stars, 0 Fork
Enums for Python