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Issue - 159

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GoCD is a continuous delivery tool specializing in advanced workflow modeling and dependency management. Our new AWS ECS elastic agents extension now allows you to scale up with on-demand agents based on your need. Try it now!

Python 3.7 has new feature to show time for importing modules. This feature is enabled with -X importtime option or PYTHONPROFILEIMPORTTIME environment variable.
processing time

If you’ve ever worked on a text and wished you could get a list of characters or see how many times each character was mentioned, this is the tutorial for you.

Sailing into the last two weeks of 2017 that I fully intended to spend experimenting with various eggnog recipes. I was alerted by our DevOps team that our asyncio app was consuming 10GB of memory. That is approximately 100 times more than it should!
memory leaks

Embed docs directly on your website with a few lines of code. Test the API for free.

DjangoCon JP is a conference for the Django Web framework in Japan. If you're a seasoned Django pro or just starting, DjangoCon JP is for you. Our goal is for atendees to meet, talk, share tips, discover new ways to use Django, and, most importantly, have FUN.

If you want to write clear and easy to understand software, make sure it has a single success path. A 'single success path' means a few things. First, it means that any given function/method/procedure should have a single clear purpose.

This series is written for an audience with a rudimentary understanding of linear algebra, probability, neural networks, and TensorFlow. Knowledge of recent advances in Deep Learning, generative models will be helpful in understanding the motivations and context underlying these techniques, but they are not necessary.

So, you want to write an agent, competing in the OpenAI Gym, you want to use Keras or TensorFlow or something similar and you don’t want everything installed on your workstation? You have come to the right place!

Even though Coinbase has a mobile application so you’re able to check your balance on the go, I prefer using their API instead so I can setup custom alerts not available on their platform.

Sharing a way to manage libraries like bootstrap, jquery with bower without using any external app.

In this post, we will use H2O AutoML for auto model selection and tuning. This is an easy way to get a good tuned model with minimal effort on the model selection and parameter tuning side.



SimpleCoin - 209 Stars, 20 Fork
Just a really simple, insecure and incomplete implementation of a blockchain for a cryptocurrency made in Python as educational material. In other words, a simple Bitcoin clone.

languagecrunch - 136 Stars, 8 Fork
LanguageCrunch NLP server docker image. - 86 Stars, 16 Fork
A (book, website) that decribes how to Python, from scratch.

unimatrix - 83 Stars, 4 Fork
Python script to simulate the display from "The Matrix" in terminal. Uses half-width katakana unicode characters by default, but can use custom character sets. Accepts keyboard controls while running. Based on CMatrix.

spacy-lookup - 32 Stars, 1 Fork
Named Entity Recognition based on dictionaries.

simpledb - 14 Stars, 0 Fork
miniature redis-like server implemented in Python.

python-bigone - 10 Stars, 1 Fork
BigONE Exchange API python implementation for automated trading.

Django Quiz Application

spotify-lyrics-cli - 9 Stars, 0 Fork
Automatically get lyrics for the song currently playing in Spotify from command line.

aws-security-checks - 7 Stars, 0 Fork
AWS Security Checks.

auditor - 5 Stars, 0 Fork
Script for tracking file system changes.

sgqlc - 5 Stars, 1 Fork
Simple GraphQL Client.

pyfakers - 4 Stars, 0 Fork
py-fake-rs: a fake data generator for python, backed by fake-rs in rust.

shellson - 3 Stars, 1 Fork
JSON command line parser.

django-qsessions - 3 Stars, 0 Fork
Extends Django's cached_db session backend.