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This post chronicles a mobile app development team’s journey to continuous delivery, the challenges along the way, how they overcame them and their thoughts beyond continuous delivery. Check it out.

Sublime text editor comes with its basic setup as a normal text editor. We need some set of plugins to make it useful for any real-time development. In this blog post we list ten plugins that will be useful for your daily python/Django development.

In this post I'd like to share with you some techniques for effectively working with SQLite using Python.

Everyone who touches code has different preferences when it comes to their programming environment. Vim versus emacs. Tabs versus spaces. Virtualenv versus Anaconda. Today I want to share with you my environment for working with data and doing machine learning.
package manager

I introduce the Python package tmtoolkit which allows to utilize all availabel CPU cores in your machine by computing and evaluating the models in parallel. We will use topic models based on the Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) approach by Blei et al., which is the most popular topic model to date.
topic modeling

Bring Your Productivity to the Next Level with actiTIME. Track time, make time estimates, control project budget, bill your clients. Never miss a billable minute.

What happens when we create an object in python class ?

I recently gave a talk at PyCon UK in Cardiff about building Quart from Flask and Asyncio. The talk itself is on youtube (linked below) and I’ve made the slides available via google slides (also linked below).

Pandas can be fed a SQL query as a string to return a dataframe.

The YouTube Data api v3 gives us the access to YouTube videos, channels, search, captions, comments and playlists.

Tavern is a pytest plugin, command-line tool and Python library for automated testing of RESTful APIs, with a simple, concise and flexible YAML-based syntax. It’s very simple to get started, and highly customisable for complex tests.

PySchemes is a library for validating data structures in Python. PySchemes is designed to be simple and Pythonic.
awesome project

In this post I'll show how to write a rudimentary, native x86-64 just-in-time compiler (JIT) in CPython, using only the built-in modules.

I'm delighted to announce that Don Jayamanne, the author of the most popular Python extension for Visual Studio Code, has joined Microsoft! Starting immediately, Microsoft will be publishing and supporting the extension. You will receive the update automatically, or visit our Visual Studio Marketplace page and click "Install".
Visual Studio

Why do you need autocompletion, and how does it work? My talk at PyCon UK 2017 explains how – and why – we built an in-browser autocompleter for Anvil.

tt (truth table) is a library aiming to provide a Pythonic toolkit for working with Boolean expressions and truth tables. Please see the project site for guides and documentation, or check out for a simple web application powered by this library.

HelloSign eSign API. Test the API for free.


Junior Python Developer - Full Time (Remote). Summary - We are looking for a motivated and high-achieving Junior Python Developer based anywhere in Europe to join the team working on an exciting new Big Data/Machine Learning platform.

Tab helps tourist businesses take bookings and get paid. We make tools for places like hostels, dive schools and surf lodges that simplify their lives, help them compete with bigger outfits and make their customers happy!


phishing_catcher - 344 Stars, 67 Fork
Phishing catcher using Certstream.

cryptocoin-price - 17 Stars, 8 Fork
An Ubuntu desktop indicator displays prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc.

Arbor - 10 Stars, 1 Fork
A toy programming language for web assembly.

sentry-kubernetes - 9 Stars, 0 Fork
Kubernetes event reporter for Sentry.

docker_eventer - 0 Stars, 0 Fork
A Docker container to notify about Docker events written in Python

athena - 0 Stars, 0 Fork
athena is an elegant, minimalist, light-weight static blog generator written in Python. It is based on Flask, Pandoc, and Tufte CSS.

reobject - 0 Stars, 0 Fork
reobject is an ORM layer for your objects. It allows you to track and query objects at runtime using a familiar query langauge inspired by Django ORM.