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Issue - 14

Worthy Read

Packt Publishing recently sent me a copy of the eBook version of Flask Framework Cookbook by Shalabh Aggarwal. I just went through it and cherry picked various recipes. Here is a review of the book.
book review

Docker is a platform for running applications in isolation. Using Linux containers makes the software layer isolated from the base system. The overhead needed for hardware virtualization used by for example Virtualbox is removed. Docker can help in development and deployment of web based applications and services - let us see how and when.

Here’s a brief overview on how to rock your Python debugging workflow by using an actual interactive debugger. The example below highlights the most basic of use-cases, but it’s a good start.

How to on compiling Python extension on Windows using Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler for Python 2.7. Applicable for both Python 3.x and Python 2.x .

When first learning pandas (and coming from a database background), I found myself wanting to be able to compare equivalent pandas and SQL statements side-by-side, knowing that it would allow me to pick up the library quickly, but most importantly, apply it to my workflow.

This post discusses Python’s NotImplemented built-in constant/type; what it is, what it means and when it should be used.

Dori is a software developer at Allmyles in Budapest. She was an attendee of the first Django Girls workshop in Berlin, coached at Django Girls Amsterdam and organized Django Girls Budapest. Here is an interview with Dori.

Packt Publishing recently contacted me to let me know that they are having a $5 sale on their website for all their eBooks and Videos. Since they have a LOT of different Python and Python-related books on sale for $5. Have a look.

Excellent How-to on How to Deploy Python WSGI Apps. If you are interested in finding out more about Gunicorn Web Server and want to learn how to deploy a Python application thoroughly from the start read on.

How complicated can one make print "Hello World" ?. This entry got first place in this Code Golf contest to create the weirdest obfuscated program that prints the string “Hello world!”. The Author decided to write up an explanation of how the hell it works. So, here’s the entry, in Python 2.7.

You’ve got a couple of parallel lists you’d like to combine and output, a line for each pair. Here’s one way to do it: use zip to do the combining. Don’t forget, map happily accepts more than one sequence! There’s no need to zip after all.

I took some time to think about what I would have done differently from a development perspective in 2014 in context of Django.


eatiht - 114 Stars, 6 Fork
A simple tool used to extract an article's text in html documents.

loggy - 16 Stars, 0 Fork
Python decorator to automatically log function calls.

MetalAPI - 15 Stars, 0 Fork
A REST API for the Metal Archives(, the largest encyclopedic resource for heavy metal music. This API allows you to have access to all of the data from the "Encyclopaedia Metallum" including every metal band, their releases, lineups and all metadata. We personally scraped the entire archives, so now all metalhead hackers or data enthusiasts can develop awesome things

KindleGate - 13 Stars, 1 Fork
KindleGate is a simple Flask application that uses Calibre's "ebook-convert" command line application to convert your *.epub e-books on the fly and makes them downloadable as *.mobi for to Kindle directly from Experimantal Browser.

s3plz - 4 Stars, 0 Fork
A polite, minimal interface for sending python objects to and from Amazon S3.

PyChess - 3 Stars, 0 Fork
Pygame chess.

pymdstat - 3 Stars, 1 Fork
A pythonic library to parse /proc/mdstat file