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Automatically catch many common errors while coding
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I’ll now introduce flake8, a tool for checking Python syntax. SideCI supports code review automation for Python projects using flake8.

As a DevOps leader it’s up to you to balance the autonomy and flexibility of a DevOps approach with the business value it was meant to create by making all your pipeline tools more collaborative, integrated, and automated. But challenges arise when you have multiple instances of the same tool, different tools with overlapping functionality, no ability to collaborate across teams—all resulting in unknown bottlenecks and complicated or no reporting.

When many people think of linting they think about how it improves the readability and maintainability of code by forcing developers to stick with an agreed upon code style. This is indeed one of the major merits of having a 'linter' as a part of your build process, but it's not the only one!

Plotting is an essential component of data analysis. As a data scientist, I spend a significant amount of my time making simple plots to understand complex data sets (exploratory data analysis) and help others understand them (presentations). In particular, I make a lot of bar charts (including histograms), line plots (including time series), scatter plots, and density plots from data in Pandas data frames.

We're Python Special Interest Group, and we're making Fedora an even better system for Python developers, and Python an even better language for Fedora.


Do you run your Django app under Gunicorn and you want to reload it once you change the source code in your editor? No problem!

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The successful candidate shall technically lead the team in implementing web applications using python


transformer - 299 Stars, 41 Fork
A TensorFlow Implementation of the Transformer: Attention Is All You Need

automating-AWS-with-Python - 35 Stars, 4 Fork
automating AWS with Python using boto3 library.

django-admin-env-notice - 24 Stars, 0 Fork
Visually distinguish environments in Django Admin

InsideCoreML - 9 Stars, 1 Fork
Python script to examine Core ML's mlmodel files

Fantastic-Transcoder - 8 Stars, 0 Fork
Fantastic transcoder is a video transcoder which utilizes massively parallel compute to achieve ludicrous conversion speeds.

ShopifyScraper - 5 Stars, 0 Fork
Shopify Scraper (not monitor)