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Our team is looking for a wide range of each topic which you would like to talk. The same as in the past, we are planing to have talk session(30minute), poster session(booth style), Lighting talks(5minute) and more. Even if you are a python beginner, please do not hesitate to apply for it.

Users finding bugs? Searching logs for errors? Find + fix broken code fast!

NASA has a bunch of awesome APIs which give you programmatic access to the wonders of space. I think the Mars Rover Photos API in particular is really amazing as you can use it to see what kind of pictures the Mars Curiosity rover has been taking. Let’s build an app using the Mars Rover API with Twilio MMS, Python and Flask to make it so that we can text a phone number and receive pictures from Mars.

First of all, I want to point out that it is very flexible tool to create readable analyses, because one can keep code, images, comments, formula and plots together:

Learn how to use the gensim Python library to determine the similarity between two or more documents.

In last week’s blog post, I demonstrated how to perform facial landmark detection in real-time in video streams.Today, we are going to build upon this knowledge and develop a computer vision application that is capable of detecting and counting blinks in video streams using facial landmarks and OpenCV.

The latest Edition focuses on Two Scoops of Django is out. I recall buying the first edition which was based on 1.5. This book holds a special place in the Django community IMHO. This Edition is focused on Django 1.11 and Python 3, with an appendix for working with Python 2.7. Revised material on nearly every topic within the book. 20+ pages of new material on Django REST Framework, security, forms, models, and more. I look forward to doing a review of the book as soon as it launches in Dead Tree Format in my country ( India ) like the previous editions.

Getting started with custom visualizations, simple tables & word clouds

The goal of this notebook is to build and analyse a map of the 10,000 most popular subreddits on Reddit.

This module implements specialized container datatypes providing alternatives to Python’s general purpose built-in containers, dict, list, set, and tuple.
collections module



This talk gives an overview of the Neo4j graph database and the Cypher query language from the point of view of a Python user. We'll look at how to run queries and visualise or extract those results into software such as Pandas. We'll also explore the property graph data model and look at how it differs from other data models.



One of the first hurdles that you can encounter when trying out asyncio is "asyncio eats all my memory!". Indeed, to keep you CPU busy, you're encouraged to launch a lot of coroutines simultaneously. coroutines don't use a lot of memory by themselves, but what you're doing inside them can use quite a lot of memory.



Mendrisio, Switzerland
At Cloud Academy, we‘re builders. Learning new technology is just as exciting for us as building it. We do this through utilizing and developing cutting-edge technology and empowering students, developers, engineers, and companies to build and grow products with robust and constantly updated cloud skills. Now is your chance to join our talented team that delivers unparalleled educational content to developers worldwide.


timestrap - 1089 Stars, 48 Fork
Time tracking and invoicing you can host anywhere. Full export support in multiple formats and easily extensible.

PyTorch-Style-Transfer - 60 Stars, 5 Fork
Multi-style Generative Network for Real-time Transfer

zsh_history - 22 Stars, 0 Fork
Backup and restore ZSH history

pip-upgrader - 21 Stars, 0 Fork
An interactive pip requirements upgrader. It also updates the version in your requirements.txt file.

diffhtml - 9 Stars, 0 Fork
Tools for generating diff output in HTML.

Autowire - 6 Stars, 0 Fork
Light & Simple dependency injection for Python.

domnibus - 2 Stars, 0 Fork
Access domain information via python and command line.

foster - 2 Stars, 0 Fork
An easy way to publish your python packages.