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Recently I started using SQLAlchemy and am very impressed with it. I have used Django ORM a lot in the past. This post compares achieving same result using Django and with SQLAlchemy. Let’s see which looks more intuitive.

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In this part, we will implement graph data structure using classes and interfaces, and discuss when it’s worth overruling type hints.
type annotation

I recently I had the opportunity to speed up some Websocket code that was a major bottleneck. The final solution was 60X (!) faster than the first pass, and an interesting exercise in optimizing inner loops.

This trouble to visualise the relationship between entities in a Relational Database is a great reason to introduce the concept of graph. Graph is a data structure formed by a set of vertices V and a set of edges E. It can be represented graphically (where the vertices are shown as circles and edges are shown as lines) or mathematically in the form G = (V, E).
graph databases

This week I raised my first pull-request to the CPython core project, which was declined :-( but as to not completely waste my time I’m writing my findings on how CPython works and show you how easy it is to modify the Python syntax.

Nchan makes writing realtime web based pub/sub applications a breeze. In this article, we will build a simple systems monitoring dashboard which displays process information in realtime similar to what you would see when you run the unix top or htop commands.

Suppose you generate several sets on the fly, and you want to find the elements that are in all the sets. That's easy, it's the intersection of sets.

I was working recently on writing Python code using TDD. So every time I change code I wanted to run command that will test my code if it pass unit tests. In order to do that I needed some service/app that will monitor for file changes, and if it changes execute my batch file that runs unit tests.

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In this session you will learn how SQL Server 2017 takes in-database analytics to the next level with support for both Python and R; delivering unparalleled scalability and speed with new deep learning algorithms built in.





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