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Pythonic object store based on Amazon's S3 static file storage. NoDB isn't a database.. but it sort of looks like one! It sort of does for databases what Zappa did for web servers. That's a bit of a stretch, but it's a step in that direction. It's mostly useful for prototyping, casual hacking, and (maybe) even low-traffic server-less databases for Zappa apps!

In this article I will explain how to go from nothing to a functioning, extensible language, using Python and PyParsing.

Know more about the Zen of Python

This is a basic tutorial using pandas and a few other packages to build a simple datapipe for getting NBA data. Even though this tutorial is done using NBA data, you don't need to be an NBA fan to follow along. The same concepts and techniques can be applied to any project of your choosing. This is meant to be used as a general tutorial for beginners with some experience in Python or R.
data science

Humble Bundle By No-Starch. Python Books presented by No Starch Press (pay what you want and help charity)


Kim is a feature packed framework for handling even the most complex marshaling and serialization requirements. Web framework agnostic - Flask, Django, Framework-XXX supported!, Highly customisable field processing system, Security focused, Control included fields with powerful roles system, Handle mixed data types with polymorphic mappers, Marshal and Serialize nested objects.

topic modeling

The Long Short-Term Memory recurrent neural network has the promise of learning long sequences of observations. In this tutorial, you will discover how to develop an LSTM forecast model for a one-step univariate time series forecasting problem.
machine learning

machine learning





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agate - 680 Stars, 96 Fork
agate is a Python data analysis library that is optimized for humans instead of machines. It is an alternative to numpy and pandas that solves real-world problems with readable code.

apistar - 438 Stars, 16 Fork
A fast and expressive API framework. For Python.

treelstm.pytorch - 31 Stars, 5 Fork
Tree LSTM implementation in PyTorch.

unpossibly-instagram-challenge - 30 Stars, 5 Fork
Predicting the number of likes an instagram post will receive in 24 hours - winning solution.

NoDB - 24 Stars, 2 Fork
NoDB isn't a database.. but it sort of looks like one.