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Issue - 12

Worthy Read

Last week we shared an article on "Character Encoding And Unicode" by Akshar. This is a follow up on understanding the basics of Python 'unicode' and 'str' type. Deliberately causing UnicodeEncodeError and UnicodeDecodeError and fixing it and practical example showing how encoding issues can trip you.

Django: Under the Hood is an exciting new Django conference for experienced Django developers. They just uploaded their videos and presentations by Andrew Godwin, Armin Ronacher, Jannis Leidel, Tom Christie, Daniel Pyrathon, Anssi.
conference videos

Users of Pycharm IDE and IPython will find this interesting. This article sheds light on the recently introduced IPython Notebook integration in latest PyCharm 4 which was announced a couple of weeks ago.

Unit testing is not just about checking whether a unit under test behaves as designed. It is also about checking how well the unit fails. This article explores how to include failure testing in your Python unit testing. I begin by examining how failures appear in Python, and what Python uses to signal and catch a failure.

"I’ve read so many articles about Docker over the last year but was never really sure how to apply it to Django. Most examples I’ve seen were generic towards containerizing Python web applications but didn’t go into specifics of deploying Django such as syncdb or collecstatic commands so I’ll cover those details here."

With Python 3 being the future of Python while Python 2 is still in active use, it is good to have your project available for both major releases of Python. This guide is meant to help you figure out how best to support both Python 2 & 3 simultaneously.

This week, Google announced a radically new way of handling human detection with a revamped reCAPTCHA. This new iteration, called No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA replaces the hard-to-read distorted text image transcription with a simple checkbox. The problem is, it is too new and there was no Django form field integration app to handle this new method. So we built one.

How can we enhance our Django model fields to act beyond simple database types to encapsulate their associated business logic? Leveraging Python's descriptor protocol, we provide additional processing on retrieval and update to allow more re-usable fields.

The Author of PyMongo talks about four regrettable decisions made when we designed PyMongo, the standard Python driver for MongoDB. Each of them made maintaining PyMongo painful, and confused our users. This winter, as I undo these regrettable designs in preparation for PyMongo 3.0, I carve for each a sad epitaph.

"I joined PayPal a few years ago, and chose Python to work on internal applications, but I’ve personally found production PayPal Python code from nearly 15 years ago. Here are the 10 myths I’ve had to debunk the most in eBay and PayPal’s enterprise environments." - Mahmoud Hashemi


musicmood - 31 Stars, 5 Fork
A machine learning approach to classify songs by mood.

docker-resource-reporter - 16 Stars, 1 Fork
Reports the resource usage of Docker containers to InfluxDB

theano_alexnet - 14 Stars, 5 Fork
Theano-based Alexnet

django-storages-redux - 10 Stars, 0 Fork
Python3 compatible fork of django-storages from BitBucket with actual uploads to PyPi

suponoff - 9 Stars, 1 Fork
Supervisor On/Off: an alternative web interface for supervisor

TiUIiOSDocumentViewerExtended - 7 Stars, 0 Fork
This is a small extension for the Titanium iOS Document Viewer

python-ocr - 7 Stars, 0 Fork
Optical character recognition (OCR) in Python.

py-simple-udp-proxy - 5 Stars, 0 Fork
A very simple udp proxy written in python just for fun.

butterfield - 5 Stars, 0 Fork
A Python Slack bot framework using asyncio and Slack's Real Time Messaging API.

django-initialcon - 4 Stars, 2 Fork
django-initialcon is a small django application for generating small colourful icons for users profile pictures

mit-ocw-dl - 2 Stars, 0 Fork
Download all video lectures from a MIT-OCW course with a single command.