Unique remote Django developer--first hire

March 23, 2016, 3:56 a.m.

About Us

We're passionate about helping mission-driven companies grow their teams faster and make positive change in the world. Companies delegate their candidate sourcing efforts to our human-assisted AI, which does everything from finding the perfect candidates and drafting highly personalized outreach, to maintaining those relationships over time. Candidates frequently send messages about how much they appreciated our service, and our customers rave about us, since it's the only solution that magically augments their ability to hire talent (hence the name ;) ).

Put another way--we want to end recruiter spam, and make it easy for great candidates and great companies to connect, and we've found the way to do it. We have a very long waitlist of customers (which is why we have no public presence and no press, and why the public-facing website looks horrible)—we're focused on building and delivering.


  • Work with great people. We're both quite technical. I've put in my 20,000 hours of programming and sold a company before, and my co-founder was the Chief of Staff at Dropbox within a few years of graduating from MIT as a CS major.
  • Impact. We view this as one of the highest leverage ways to make a positive impact on the world. It offends us that there are great people working on selling ads when they would love to be building tools to cure cancer, but they just didn't even know the opportunity existed (real example).
  • We can pay you. We raised money from our favorite investors, and there’s a significant amount of equity available.
  • Work remotely (if you want). We’re located in SF but understand that not everyone wants to live there, and have considerable experience with remote-first teams.
  • We want to help you grow. We both dedicate a fixed percentage of work time to self-improvement, and will encourage you to do the same.
  • Flexibility on title, role, growth trajectory, everything else. We will bend over backwards for the best people.

About the Position

Full time, can be remote. We will want to start with a small project to ensure we all enjoy working together.

You will be working extremely closely with both founders and all future developers. You will be heavily involved in all aspects of the business and development, from making architectural decisions to hiring and helping with operations. We will be programming and pairing with you. Since you're the first employee, you get to pick what things you enjoy working on over time, and we do the rest :)

There are a good number of interesting technical challenges to solve, from ML/NLP to best understand and rank candidates to large scale data acquisition. There are also many other more mundane features, where the challenge is more about how we can best prototype and build quickly without incurring too much technical debt.


  • Very strong developer. You should be comfortable with everything from speccing out new features to fixing heisenbugs.
  • Very familiar with Python.
  • Familiarity with Django, AWS, Postgres, and Javascript are all pluses
  • A bias towards productive action. An ideal candidate would be someone who loves shipping code, and lots of it.

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