Backend/Web Developer for Grassroots Start-Up

March 22, 2016, 9:44 p.m.
Table Connection
Los Angeles, CA, United States


    Table Connection is a marketplace/platform that is unlike anything on the market and will revolutionize nightlife. We are looking for someone to come and help build out this service from the grassroots. Any experience working with marketplaces is a plus. The ideal person will be able to dedicate 10+ hours per week to this project. We are looking for someone that can build web scrapers and develop a backend architecture that can serve mobile clients though a restful web API.

    We are only able to provide equity, there is no other compensation for now, since we are a grassroots start-up. This is perfect for someone who has a full time gig but is looking to take on a side project and be part of something great.

    We are based in Los Angeles and are looking for a candidate that lives in the U.S. since we will need to make semi frequent face to face contact when working on this project. 

Contact Info :

Skills & Requirements

Experience building web scrapers

Experience developing a backend architecture that can serve mobile clients though a Restful web API

Worked alongside mobile developers to deliver endpoints to native Android and iOS apps

The tech stack used to build out the backend is completely your choice (whatever technology is best for the job). You should have experience with one or more of the following technologies : Python, Ruby, PHP, MySQL, SQL, PostgreSQL, Django, Ruby on Rails, CakePHP

The Team

Etienne Lawlor ~ Etienne is a passionate Android Developer. He previously was the Android Lead at ShopSavvy ( He is active in the open source community (

Sam Shar ~ Sam has extensive experience in Business Development. He has strong communication skills and has a knack for generating new streams of revenue.

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