Software Engineer (Python) (Freshers)

Jan. 7, 2016, 5:19 p.m.
Mangalore Infotech (UniCourt India)
Mangaluru, Karnataka, India

    B.E. in Computer Science or Information Science
    Should have knowledge of Object Oriented Programming Language
    Should have worked on Linux Platforms (Ubuntu)
    Should have a good understanding about the web protocols
    Should be familiar with SQL
    Experience in Python is a plus
    Experience in django is a plus, plus
    Should be a self learner
    Should have good problem solving skills
    Should be open to learning and adapting new technologies
    Must be motivated to have an impact on our products and our company

    You will be involved in cracking web navigations to reach the target destination using Python on a custom framework built in-house
    You will be involved in developing complex Screen Scrapers using Python and BeautifulSoup
    You will be actively involved in the product development and you will quickly see your work going into production

Who should Apply?
    If you are a Python enthusiast and want to work on Python day and night…
    You are good at writing code but not familiar with Python, and want to learn it. It is NOT OK to take your time to learn Python. You will need to catch up fast.
    You are passionate about software development and like to solve complex problems

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