Scrum Master & Lead Python Developer in Nantes (France)

Jan. 25, 2018, 4:27 p.m.
Nantes, France

Job Description

Your main mission is to lead de IT team (5/6 people, half the company) in charge of building and running J360. You may also lead technical choices.

You are responsible for:

  • collaboration within the IT team and with whole company
  • task definition and prioritization for the development team
  • product innovation through relevant functional and technical choices, and permanent reassessment
  • software architecture, based upon open-source tools and following best practices
  • software development

Jurismarchés as a technical environment based essentially upon AngularJS, Django, Python, Elasticsearch and scikit-learn; our software is  deployed using ubuntu, LXC and ansible.

Job position located in Nantes, France (downtown)


  • you speak french fluently (main language in company)
  • you know how to clearly communicate upon an argument, summarizing concerns and possible choices
  • you pay attention to every team-mate participation and self development
  • you communicate your enthusiasm for novelty while offering a realistic vision and action plan
  • you have interested in user experience (UX)
  • you have a valuable experience on software projects
  • you like free software, open-data and Python

About the Company

Jurismarchés is the software editor of J360, international web application to identify new business opportunities and calls for tenders. J360 selects more than 175 000 new publics and privates bids per month all around the world but also intentions to purchase, suppliers qualification systems, calls for proposals, contracts award and business news. The J360 business social network connects its users looking for partners to bid.
We are a SME with more than 12 years experience, doing our best to produce software that is both innovative and useful.

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