Data Science and Machine Learning in Python 3 from scratch

Are you ready to start your journey to become a Data Scientist?

A data analyst is one of the most suitable professions to thrive in this century. It is digital, programming-oriented and analytical. Therefore, it is not surprising that the demand for data analysts is increasing in the job market.

However, the supply has been very limited. It is difficult to get the skills required to work as a data scientist.

And how to do it?

Universities have been slow to create specialized data science programs. (Not to mention that the existing ones are very expensive and time-consuming)

Most online courses focus on a specific topic, and it’s hard to see how the skills they teach fit into the big picture.

This comprehensive course will be your guide to learning how to harness the power of Python to analyze data, create beautiful visualizations, and use powerful machine learning algorithms!

The course is updated regularly with new material!

This course is suitable for everyone – beginners with no programming experience, those with some programming experience, and experienced developers looking to learn Data Science!

You will learn how to program in Python, create amazing data visualizations, and use machine learning with Python!

What you will learn

  • Apply Python to Data Science
  • Use tools for Data Science
  • Learn to use NumPy for numerical data
  • Learn to use Pandas to analyze data
  • Learn to use Matplotlib for data visualization
  • Learn to use Seaborn for data visualization
  • Learn to use the built-in visualization of the Pandas library
  • Learn to put your new knowledge into practice
  • Learn to use Machine Learning libraries
  • And much more!

Sign up for the course and get one of the most in-demand careers and super sought-after Data Science skills in your portfolio!

Who this course is for

  • The course is for anyone who wants to gain knowledge of the Python language for Data Science.

Course Cost: 34 euros

Bruno Jennings

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